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The Sour Barn had their Second Anniversary Party over the Labor Day weekend. As you all may know if you also follow us on Instagram or Facebook, I was out of town in Charleston, South Carolina. I will blog about that later this week. This being said, this will be the first blog I have ever done where I was not personally at the event. So we will see how this goes.

The anniversary party was on Saturday, September 1st and had two sessions available, so it was a little less crowded. They had about one hundred fifty people there. Upon arrival you received a swag bag with some mints, gum and hand sanitizer courtesy of Yelp. There were also some various coupons for your dog and some Happy Hour Vitamins for your hangover, Sweet and Savory contributed certificates for a free dinner entrĂ©e and of course there was a Sour Barn koozie included in the bag. As far as the beer goes, they had several breweries represented in the event. Some of the breweries included were Makai, Wicked Weed, Revelry, Wrightsville Beach Brewing and D9. They also had music throughout the day. Benny Hill was part of the entertainment. The party also had food trucks on site like Bill’s Front Porch and Cheese Smith to take care all the food needs for the festivities. There were plenty of raffles and giveaways during both sessions. They also had some one-off beers from Broomtail, but I think they were only available to VIP ticket holders. Anyone with tickets could partake in the fun playing cornhole, disc golf, Jenga in a variety of spots throughout the venue. It looked like people were having a great time. Like I said this was the first blog I have written for an event I did not go to, but there are lots of pictures to enjoy. Thank you to the Wine Lady and to The Sour Barn for all the great photographs, and all the information and input for this blog. I appreciate you sharing the experience.

The Sour Barn Second Anniversary Party Prizes The Sour Barn Second Anniversary Party Beer Wicked Weed Broomtail Craft Brewery

Ducktail Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout Having Fun The Sour Barn Second Anniversary Party Wine Slushie The Sour Barn Second Anniversary Party

The Sour Barn Second Anniversary Party The Sour Barn Second Anniversary Party The Sour Barn Second Anniversary Party Games The Sour Barn Second Anniversary Party

Before I go, want to give to a quick shout out to Buzz’s Roost for the great end of summer party last night. The free appetizers hit the spot with the half price bar. Speaking of half price bar, Seawitch will start their locals night tonight with half price bar on Wednesdays until further notice. It is the first Wednesday of the month, so you know what that means, Tavern Law will be doing their monthly Hops & Heroes with Foothills Brewing. They have $4.oo pints, some cool swag to give away and as always, as they say, a killer comic book prize. The event is from 6:00pm – 9:00pm. The other interesting event tonight is The WilmyWoodie food truck at Waterline Brewing at 6:00pm followed by the Free Gruff Goat Comedy Showcase at 8:00pm. I went last month and the comedian we saw at the end of the night was great. I am hoping to have enough time to get there tonight.

Well, that is it for today. The tourists are mostly gone and the weather is beautiful, so be sure to get out today and have some FUN!!!!

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