Good Morning,

It is with great sadness that I write this last blog. I will be closing down the website of Wilmington Fun due to health reasons. After the hurricane my health had taken a turn that no longer allows me to drink with my new medications. I am also on a very restricted diet, that prevents me from eating the different foods I have come to blog about. These changes to my diet will be permanent, so given all these changes, I feel that the premise of why I started this is now gone. The website will be up and running until January, so you can at least continue to see the drink specials and some of the nightFUN. The older blogs are still available to view, so please feel free to go through them. There are over one hundred bars/restaurants to search. It has been my pleasure to attend over 250 of the local bars and restaurants which you may still see me at from time to time. I am sorry that I am choosing not to elaborate on my health matters any further, but although I have made a lot of my life public since this blog has started, I am not going to be sharing this.

I have enjoyed the whole process and will miss meeting more of the great people of Wilmington and the surrounding areas. I thank you for following me on this blog, Facebook and Instagram. I have not decided yet if I will keep up with the social media at this point, but will let everyone know what I decide. It has been a pleasure. Thank you again for all your support.

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