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I will be taking a few days off this week, attending a family function, but I have put some new blogs together before leaving and will keep up with things from the road.

Today’s blog will be all about Nori Sushi. It is a new restaurant in The Pointe off Independence. Not sure if that is still considered Monkey Junction or not. Three of us went a couple of weeks ago after the Holistic & Psychic Fair. Figured since we recently posted a sushi place, I would save this one for while I was away.

We went mid afternoon to have a large snack. I started with a Maschio Sparkling Rose’. I wanted to try it after I read the description. It said hints of violets, roses and bright strawberry with raspberry notes. I really enjoyed it. Went well with the sushi. My friend started with the Hot and Sour Soup. She said it was delicious and suggested I try a bite. She was not wrong. This was a new soup for me. I usually order Miso Soup, but I think next time I will change it up and order this. Next, we each selected a roll to try. One of the ladies picked the Volcano. It was Crab avocado cucumber roll with baked scallop, shrimp, crab tobiko and scallion topped with spicy mayo. It was quite good. I would say the best out of the three. I ordered the Rainbow Naruto. Thought with the name rainbow it would be very colorful for pictures. It is the very pink one in the pictures. It was really good too. It had crab, tuna, salmon, hamachi, avocado, flying fish roe and scallion wrapped with thin cucumber and spicy soy vinegar sauce. The other lady in our group had picked Shrimp Tempura. I am sure the big shrimp tails sticking out of the two pieces makes it easy to find in the picture. We all enjoyed the three rolls very much. The server asked if we wanted anything else, so of course, we had to inquire about dessert. They had a cheesecake tempura as one of the choices. They had others, but after I heard that one, sorry I stopped listening. We figured since there were three of us, we would be able to finish it. What a tasty way to finish off a good meal. Oops, this was supposed to be a late afternoon snack. So much for that. The next time I am there I would really like to try the Movie Roll. I was torn between this and the Rainbow Naruto. The Movie Roll has Spicy cooked salmon, crunch and avocado topped with lobster salad, jalapenos and sweet Thai chili sauce. I cannot wait to go back and try that one.

The Bar Nori Asian Fusion and Sushi Bar Nori Asian Fusion and Sushi Bar Nori Asian Fusion and Sushi Bar Hot and Sour Soup Close-up

Three Sushi Rolls Nori Asian Fusion and Sushi Bar Nori Asian Fusion and Sushi Bar Nori Asian Fusion and Sushi Bar Nori Asian Fusion and Sushi Bar

Well that does for our trip to Nori Asian Fusion and Sushi Bar. I am hoping to take the next few days to give lots of Mother’s Day ideas of things to do. I accumulated some around town in the last couple of weeks. Hope you enjoy them.

Have a great day. Be sure to get out and have FUN!!!!

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