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What a weekend. May the 4th be with you, Kentucky Derby and Cinco de Mayo. Wow. Well I already covered May the 4th be with you, so on with the Derby and Cinco de Mayo.

We start with the Derby Party at Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar. We arrived just before the party was getting started to make sure we had a great seat. We started with an order of Ahi Tuna Nachos and as to not mix the Mint Juleps and Tequila, ordered a margarita. Not exactly a Kentucky Derby drink, but it was still green. We munched on the nachos as we started to see people arrive in their Derby apparel. There were many interesting hats. Especially again since it was Cinco de Mayo, we saw some interesting sombreros at the derby party. There was someone giving out merchandise from Maker’s Mark. I unfortunately did not see them giving out the hats, but I did get a bow tie. Seeing as it was going to be a long night and there was a little more time before the derby, we ordered some wings. They had a flavor we have never tried before, Strawberry Jalapeno. It sounded good and we both like spicy food, so we thought we would give them a try. They were not as spicy as you would think with the jalapeno, but they were very flavorful. I will definitely be having those again. It was about time for the race now, and the band that was playing later was getting ready to set up. The people at the bar were all looking up at the televisions for the next couple of minutes to see who would win the very muddy race. It was Justify. There were not very many surprised people, and immediately after the race people started leaving, making way for the dinner crowd. We were two of those people.

Derby Day Hats Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar Getting ready for the derby Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar

Since it was such a nice night, we decided to stay at the beach. Our next stop was The Dive. I tried a pink lemonade there. We did not get any food, since we had just had the wings and we were pretty full at this point. We did meet a very nice man that we had a tequila shot with, and then after talking for a bit, joined us for our next couple stops.

The Dive The Dive

We were planning on a brief stop back to Seawitch because I wanted to take some pictures of Port City Shakedown. I also have a live feed of them playing on Facebook if you are interested in hearing them. They are very good. My pictures were done and we were on our way to get one quick drink and head out when we came across these men with funny hats celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Just an interesting FYI, Cinco de Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day, but commemorates the Mexican victory over Napoleon on May 5, 1862. Something new I learned, so I thought I would pass it on. We all chatted with them for a bit, enjoyed the music, and off to the next couple of brief stops.

Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar Port City Shakedown Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar Port City Shakedown Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar

We made a short visit to The Silver Dollar to sing a couple of songs and enjoy a watermelon jell-o shot. We heard this man with a really good voice. I had to do a live feed of it. Please check it out on Facebook. There were also many people celebrating Cinco de Mayo there, so I had to take a couple of pictures.

Silver Dollar The Silver Dollar The Silver Dollar The Silver Dollar

We were on our way down the Boardwalk when we heard more music. It was coming from Beach Bumz. We headed in to listen. It was a band called One Night Stand. I also did a live feed of them on Facebook. I have definitely been giving my phone a workout. They were good. We stayed for a couple of songs and decided it was time to leave the beach. We said goodnight to our new friend and headed back over the bridge.

Beach Bumz Beach Bumz One Night Stand

That was our weekend. We covered a lot of ground. I will be away next weekend for a family function, but do not worry, we will make up for it the following weekend.

Have a great day and do not forget to have FUN!!!!!

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