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I can already tell you this weekend is going to take a few days to get through. We have May the Fourth be with You, Cinco de Mayo, The Kentucky Derby and all the other places we visit. Our first stop on May the Fourth be with You was Tavern Law. In honor of the day, Princess Leia, aka Danielle, made me a blue light saber. It consisted of Champagne and Blue Curacao. We took a couple pictures there, but the party had not really started yet. We thought we would drop by again later in the evening.

Tavern Law Tavern Law Tavern Law

We needed some dinner and had already planned on Marina Grill, since it would be the 200th different bar/restaurant I have been to since moving here about 1 3/4 years ago. My friend and I had gone to Vegas last year and got the shirts you will see in our pictures. We received many comments about them throughout the evening. The plan was to make this number 200 since it was on the water, meaning we were sitting outside. It was quite windy. We were so wind blown in the first set of pictures, we had to inside and try again. As I was looking at the menu, it kept hitting me in the face. They had wine on tap, so I thought I would give a try. It was their house wine, Marina Rose’. We also ordered an appetizer. We thought the Garlic Parmesan Cheese Curds looked like a good choice. Their description read White cheddar cheese curds tossed in a Garlic Parmesan sauce. I took a picture below, they look more like small mozzarella sticks. They were good, but my advice if you order them, ask them to heat up the marinara sauce. It was nice and thick, but cold, so we could not get it to stick to the cheese curds. We both agreed the sauce tasted totally different heated and was awesome. We moved on to our dinner entree. We split the Fried Grouper Sandwich, since I have been eating way too much. Not complaining, but there is so much to try, and I want to explore it all. The sandwich came with a choice of sides. We thought we would try something different since they had Sweet Potato Waffle Chips. They were good, but not as thin as we expected, so we treated them like fries and dipped them in ketchup. We decided not to get dessert there since we needed a little walk first and we would be out for quite some time. This restaurant just opened about maybe a month ago.

View from Marina Grill View from Marina Grill Marina Grill Marina Grill Marina Grill Fried Grouper Sandwich and Sweet Potato Waffle Chips Marina Grill

We headed over to Pour House next. They were also part of May the Fourth be with You. We went downstairs to find Bobba Fett and Jabba the Hutt there. Jabba had to take part of his costume off for a while, so he could enjoy a beverage. We have a live feed of him putting the costume back on Facebook. We found it amusing to watch as we enjoyed our dessert drink. We asked if the costume was warm, and he showed us the little fan in his tail. One of their specials yesterday were creamsicle shots, but we asked if they could turn them into drinks. Pretty and tasty. We had our drink, took a couple more pictures of the guys in costume, and were on to the next stop. Sorry the pictures are a little dark. They were leaving to head over to Tavern Law for the judging and raffle later that evening. We thought we would make one more quick stop before heading back there ourselves.

The Pour House The Pour House The Pour House The Pour House The Pour House The Pour House The Pour House

Well, that is probably a good spot to leave off in. Guess I will be finishing Friday night on Sunday. We will be at Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar this afternoon for the Derby Party, be sure to stop by. I am sure it will be a good time. They are encouraging dressing up as if you were at the derby, so that is what we will be doing. I will be he one in the large black hat. See you there.

Have FUN!!!

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