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I apologize for still being behind this week. It just means we are having so much FUN that I cannot keep up.

We left off with Memorial Day, which was Monday. That’s right, it rained almost all day, but I went to the beach anyway. I wanted to go see Dos Eddies at Gibby’s Dock and Dine. Before I forget, check out the live feed of them on our Facebook page. By the way, they will also be playing at Wilmington Fun’s Launch Party on June 10th. We had some friends join us after a bit to enjoy a drink and the music. It was time for Dos Eddies to take a break and one of my friends went up to talk to them and the next thing I know he is up there playing the guitar and singing for the crowd. It was a great song. Be sure to check him out on our Facebook Page too. I also did a live feed of him performing. The music was not quite over when we decided it was time to make another stop on the beach.

Gibby's Dock and Dine Gibby's Dock and Dine Gibby's Dock and Dine Gibby's Dock and Dine

I had not been to Hang Ten in quite a while, so we decided to go there and grab a bite to eat. The weather was still not the greatest, so we opted in eat inside. I am sure there were many cookouts that were rained out, because the restaurants were starting to get crowded. I know when we were at Hang Ten there were many families enjoying a meal there. I had a hard time figuring out what to have for dinner. I really wanted the boneless wings, but went for the seafood salad with a nice piece of Mahi on it with some ranch dressing. Better picture and probably a little better for me. You all see what I eat everyday. Once in a while I need a salad and no dessert, especially on these rainy days when I cannot get my walk in on the beach. My friend on the other hand, he ordered the Hang Ten Burger. It came with lettuce, tomato and some french fries. I took a bite of the burger since I had not had one there before. It was good, but I am more of a chicken kind of girl.

Hang Ten Grill Seafood Salad Hang Ten Grill Hang Ten Grill Burger Hang Ten Grill

Well that was it for Monday. Pretty laid back between the weather and we did make way too many stops at the beginning of the weekend. Let’s see how far I can get with yesterday in today’s blog. We covered quite a bit of ground yesterday, but they all had great drink specials and I wanted to make sure I mentioned them. First we popped over to Buzz’s Roost. They have 1/2 price liquor and $2.00 domestics. They also have a great selection of fresh seafood, but we had already planned on trying Frank’s Pizza. We had never been there before, so we thought we would give it a try.

Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Frank’s Pizza is a little place on the end of the Boardwalk. There are a few seats inside, but I think it is more for take out and by the slice. We thought Tuesday before the season was in full swing would be a good time to go. We were right. Not that many people there, but enough that I was able to do a live feed of the guy behind the counter tossing the pie dough. It is an interesting quick video if you have time to give it a look. They had some pepperoni pinwheels that looked delicious, but we had already ordered a large cheese pizza.

Frank's Pizza Frank's Pizza Frank's Pizza Carolina Beach Frank's Pizza Carolina Beach Frank's Pizza

We ended the day with two more restaurants. The first would be The Dive. They have a $2.00 wine special. I think the glasses the wine comes in are so cute. They always offer to pour it into a real glass, but I like the little one it comes in. I have a picture of it below, along with a watermelon wheat ale they have at The Dive. They have some other great drink specials too. You can find them on the website under Drink Specials, Tuesday. The other pictures are of the desserts we had at Rucker John’s on the way home. It was a chocolate chip cookie sundae. They also have a special on Tuesday, 1/2 price wine by the bottle. Good thing you can take whatever you do not drink home. They had a Dixieland Band playing last night. There is a live feed on Facebook.

The Dive The Dive The Dive Rucker John's Rucker John's

Okay, we are all caught and ready to have more FUN today. Hoping to start with a walk on the beach. The rain should hold off today, so be sure o get out and have some FUN!!!!

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