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Hope everyone was able to have FUN part of this long weekend. I know I did. So much, that it is now Tuesday and I am just getting to Sunday.

We left early on Sunday afternoon in search of places that had baseball on television or live music. Well, we found sports first. After parking on Second Street, we made a stop at Tavern Law. I knew they had changed their drink specials, so I needed to check them out. I love the new picture of the drink specials menu they had created. While enjoying our drinks, we could not help but see the hot dogs cooking in the corner. Tavern Law is so good about having some type of snacks. They have popcorn on a regular basis and free wings on Tuesday night for trivia. It is definitely a nice place to hang out with friends and play games or watch sports on television. You can even celebrate birthdays there. A shout out to one of my favorite bartenders, Happy Birthday Danyel. The cupcakes went awesome with the Mimosa you made me.

Tavern Law 1832 Tavern Law 1832 Tavern Law 1832 Tavern Law 1832 Tavern Law 1832 Tavern Law 1832

It was getting a little later and we found it was time to start looking for music. The Reel Cafe was our next stop. Chris Nash was playing outside on the patio. We had the opportunity to talk to him for a bit. He is looking for more places to play around here. I hope he finds some, because he was really good and very energetic. I was able to hear a couple of his original songs while we were meeting some new people at the bar and patio. If you look closely at the picture of Chris he is wearing a Wilmington Fun shirt. I told him about the event on June 10 and how the shirt would get him into the party. Hopefully he will be able to attend.

The Reel Cafe The Reel Cafe The Reel Cafe The Reel Cafe The Reel Cafe

After leaving the Reel Cafe, we headed over to Cloud Nine at the Embassy Hotel. My friend had never been there and I wanted to show him the views from the rooftop bar. They also had live music. I am not too sure who was playing, but it was definitely reggae. When we were done admiring the views, we headed over to the bar to have a drink. He ordered the Depp River Bitter Unicorn Tears and I ordered a Rose Sangria. There was a woman next to us that had an interesting looking beer. At first I thought it was a red wine, but then I looked at the glass. She said it was the Founders Nitro Rubaeus. We all know I do not drink beer, but was tempted to try this one. If it is one the menu next time, I will ask for a sample. I included some pictures of the view since I do not think I have ever been then during daylight hours.

Cloud Nine Cloud Nine Cloud Nine Cloud Nine

Cloud Nine Reggae Afternoon Cloud Nine Cloud Nine

Our last stop on Sunday was the new Shuckin’ Shack for a snack. They had moved their location from Market Street to Front Street and just reopened about a week or so ago. My friend is not a big seafood guy, but he agreed to go anyway. We had the Ahi Tuna appetizer. That is always such a tasty and light snack. The new place is a tad larger than the old one and has some outdoor seating in the back overlooking the river. I will go back soon and get a whole meal and maybe even some oyster shooters.

Shuckin' Shack Shuckin' Shack Shuckin' Shack Shuckin' Shack Ahi Tuna Appetizer Shuckin' Shack

Well, that was day two of the three day weekend. Yesterday was more mellow with all the downpours, but I will get to that tomorrow. Have a terrific day and remember to get out and have some FUN!!!

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