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Yesterday was an interesting day. It was back to Carolina Beach for me. I had a t-shirt sales event at Go Sauce Yourself on The Boardwalk. There are many new followers, so I am not sure how many of you know how the t-shirts work. We sell the t-shirts as your ticket to FUN. This gets you into all the special events Wilmington Fun coordinates with local bars, restaurants, shops, etc. We try to plan FUN things for you all to do, that perhaps you might not do on your own, are more FUN in a big group, or cannot get anywhere else. One example of this, is the FREE Wilmington Sharks game on July 1st. The way it works. If, and only if you wear your Wilmington Fun t-shirt to the game or purchase one that day and wear it, are you allowed to get into the game for FREE. There will be more information about this and other events and how the t-shirt works on the homepage of our website.

I had a great time at Go Sauce Yourself. I met some wonderful people, from the Wilmington area and also some tourists. We gave away a lot of koozies in two hours, not to mention all the people I told about the t-shirts. I had a little time to walk around Go Sauce Yourself and talk to the owner, Jason, about some of the more popular products. I took quite a few pictures so you could get an idea of all the terrific gourmet sauces and rubs they have. I really like the fact that he always has out samples that you can try, in case you want to know how hot a sauce is. They also have a shelf of 75% off items that are great to try. A new addition to the store is their beer cooler. They now offer beer in single cans and in packs, as well as a variety of water and soda for those hot days on the beach.

Go Sauce Yourself Sauces, Slathers, Glazes and Rub Go Sauce Yourself Go Sauce Yourself

Cape Fear Pirate Candy Go Sauce Yourself Go Sauce Yourself Go Sauce Yourself

When I was finished at Go Sauce Yourself. I took a drive to the other side of town and went to The Sour Barn to hear a little music. There was a country singer by the name of Donavon Lee playing. I did a live feed on Facebook if you would like to see him perform a song. I enjoyed a nice split of Moscato outside in their courtyard while listening to the music and meeting some more fantastic people. Also with it being Sunday, I was able to pet a few nice dogs too. Not sure if you are aware of this, but Sunday is bring your pup to the backyard day. They welcome all the dogs on Sunday to listen to the music as well as their owners. It was a nice, laid backed afternoon at The Sour Barn. I had FUN.

The Sour Barn The Sour Barn Outside by the stage The Sour Barn

Well that was it for my Sunday. Off to work on firming up some Special Events today. Start looking at the homepage for these events. There will probably only be one per month in the summer with the tourist season, but expect many more events in the fall. I will announce them as I firm them up. It is Monday, so have a mellow day and some FUN!!!

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