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What a beautiful day to talk about baseball and being outside. Although I must talk about the great lunch I had yesterday first.

I went to Joe’s Oasis for lunch. I was really happy to see they had a special lunch menu with smaller portions. I like to try so much each time I go to a restaurant, and sometimes the amount of food can be daunting. Their drink special was a $4.00 glass of house wine, so of course I needed to start with that since I was pretty much done working for the day. I started to look at the regular menu when I saw this card at the bar for lunch specials. I took a picture, so you all could see the options. The turkey sandwich looked like a good option, but I did not feel like fries yesterday. My server told me the soup special was spicy potato and I think the other was Chicken Noodle. The spicy potato sounded like it might have a little bite to it, so I picked that. I was right. It had just enough kick, at least for me. The gentlemen next to me saw mine and heard me say how good it was, so he ordered it too. When his soup came, he put hot sauce in it before he even tasted it. The turkey sandwich was a little different than I expected. It was warm and the sourdough bread was toasted. I was very pleased, it was really good. This was my first time eating lunch here. I think I have maybe had an appetizer or two while having drinks with a friend, but this was my first meal. Happy that I tried it since it is so close to home. I took one of their loyalty cards, since I figured I would be back. Before I forget, I must mention dessert. Yeah, like I can forget dessert! They do not have a dessert menu there, because they change up the dessert so often. I spoke with the woman who makes the desserts and she said it just depends on what ingredients are available when she is making them up. This one was really good between the peanut butter cups and the whipped cream. I’m not sure what else was in it, but it was very good. I did have to bring most of it home though. I am learning to bring more home and share with others.

Joe's Oasis Joe's Oasis Joe's Oasis Joe's Oasis

Joe's Oasis Joe's Oasis Joe's Oasis Joe's Oasis

I am pleased to announce that I have also firmed everything up with the Wilmington Sharks for our Giveaway Basket Night and Special Event. Here are the details. The Giveaway Basket will be taking place on June 7th at the Buck Hardee Field. Tavern Law will be on hand to pick the winner. Please be sure to like us on Facebook to enter to win this great basket. There are gift cards from JohnnyLukes KitchenBar, Soif de Vin, Broomtail Brewery, The Sour Barn and Hell’s Kitchen, and we are still adding more this week. There is also lots of merchandise from The Wilmington Sharks, Seaside Silk Screeniing, The Zebra Shop, Session Market, Wilmington Granite, Baker Roofing, Atlantic Spas and Billiards, Tastebuds Popcorn, A&I Fire & Restoration and of course Wilmington Fun will be adding to the basket as well. The basket has an estimated value of around $500 between the gift cards and merchandise. We have not gotten to pick everything up yet. Remember, to enter all you need to do is like us on Facebook. Our Special Event night will be July 1st and there will be more about that on the homepage under Special Events. Please be sure to get and support the Wilmington Sharks, they are a great team.

Well that is all for now. Not sure what I am up to today, but I am sure it will be FUN!!!!!!

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