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I had a FUN time yesterday. It started with lunch at Michael’s Seafood Restaurant in Carolina Beach. I was hoping to sit outside, but as I was heading there it started to rain again and thought inside might be a better choice. And, I always enjoy looking at the fish tanks inside the restaurant. They are so colorful. The bar was somewhat empty, so I decided to eat there. I enjoy talking to the bartenders when they are not too busy. It gives me the chance to learn a little more about the restaurant, like their drink and food specials, so I know when to go back. Today they had a great food special menu. I went with the intention of getting the soup/sandwich combo from their pick two section of the regular menu. Then I saw their specials menu, and had to order the chicken, bacon and ranch wrap. It sounded great and it was only $5.00. I thought for $5.00 it would be a small sandwich. I was wrong. It was a regular sized spinach wrap with grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, bacon and ranch dressing inside, with chips. So much for a small lunch. I took a picture of the wrap when it came out, but then I noticed you couldn’t see any of the inside. The next couple of pictures are after I pulled the sandwich open. It was so stuffed, that there was chicken and bacon falling out of the wrap. I tried to put most of it back in for the pictures, so it would look better. Funny, I did not order the seafood chowder on purpose, just so I would have room for dessert. Needless to say, I brought home half the wrap and chips, and so I could get dessert. They had a few different desserts I wanted to try, but since I was alone, I opted for one I knew I would like. Unfortunately, liked it a bit too much. I ended up getting the Death by chocolate cake. How could I say no to a description like this. Chocolate brownie,truffle, chocolate mousse and chocolate cake layered together with a chocolate glaze. There were four chocolates in that description. I will try Shelly’s Key Lime Pie or the Banana Bread Pudding next time. When the cake came out, I immediately asked for a to go box. I was very proud of myself for only eating half the cake that was served to me. Although, truth be told, I did finish the cake last night after I was done working. I was thinking about a walk on the beach after lunch, but it was still looking blah out. So instead, I texted a friend to see if she wanted to join me on the next leg of my adventure.

Michael's Seafood Restaurant Michael's Seafood Restaurant Michael's Seafood Restaurant Michael's Seafood Restaurant Michael's Seafood Restaurant Death by Chocolate Cake

She had never been to The ER Pub by the hospital, so we went there. I had been a few weeks ago, when I was determined hit bar 200. They have a great deal there for members. If you text ER to a certain number, it will send you an online coupon for a pint of beer for $3.00. This is only good for one use and until the end of May. But, when you do this, because of course I had to try it, the text tells you to delete the coupon after use, so it can send you more in the future. That is why I did not list the number when telling you about the promotion, I accidentally deleted the whole text. Not sure, why you need to delete it, but I wanted to follow the instructions. When you go in, it is on the bar, so you can do it then. I will let you know if I get any more texts from that number. We sat and enjoyed our drink while chatting about work for a bit, then decided we should both actually go home and do some work.

The ER Pub The ER Pub The ER Pub

So that it was it for my day out. Hoping this weather clears up for the topless Jeep parade down at Carolina Beach tomorrow. I wanted to do a live feed from there for Facebook. Fingers crossed. Well, whatever the weather, be sure to get out and have some FUN!!!!

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