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Yesterday we went for a late lunch at South Beach Grill. They had a new menu, so we thought we would give a couple of the new dishes a try. The first new item was a Nashville HOT Chicken & Waffles. It was on the Starters portion of the menu. It was spicy boneless chicken thighs, crispy fried with HOT sauce, on a sweet potato & vidalia waffle with house cured pickles and a cool southern pepper jelly. It was my first time having chicken & waffles. I see it on a lot of menus here, so I thought it was time to try. It was really good. I gave my daughter the choice between the Seafood Nachos Platter and the Crab Melt for the next portion of the meal. She picked the Seafood Nachos Platter, which was a very good choice. It was creamy crab and fresh seafood salsa over crispy flour tortilla chips with jalapenos, green onions, tomatoes, sour cream, jack and cheddar cheese. When you look at the picture, at least when I do, one would not think these were nachos. The concept is the same, but the presentation is a little different. Either way they were delicious. My daughter volunteered to bring the rest home so that we could have dessert. They had a new dessert available called a Chocolate Waffle. You guessed it, it is a chocolate waffle with vanilla ice cream, but it has a raspberry sauce drizzled over it. I love the chocolate raspberry combination and the scoop of ice cream and dollop of whipped cream made it even better. It did not look like it would travel well, so we had to eat the whole thing. I’m sure you can tell that was an issue for us. I am glad we are trying a lot of the desserts. I think they are a forgotten item sometimes.

Inside dining South Beach Grill South Beach Grill Nashville HOT Chicken & Waffles The view

Seafood Nachos Platter South Beach Grill Patio seating South Beach Grill Chocolate Waffle Dessert

Speaking of trying things. I was disappointed that I was unable to check out this new hand drum class at The Art Works last night. There are three more classes available, so maybe I will be able to pop in on next week’s class. It sounded interesting. He teaches how to play a steady pattern for a long period of time to help in the meditation process. I have never tried meditation, but I like drums, so I would love to try it. Not sure if I can sit still that long, but…I shared the event on our Facebook page, so be sure to check it out.

I wanted to take a minute to answer some questions about the t-shirt sales and how the t-shirts work for the special events. The thank you t-shirt sales are coming to a close. I have a few last thank you events before the launch party on June 10th. So please visit us this Sunday afternoon 1:00-3:00pm at Go Sauce Yourself on the Boardwalk at Carolina Beach. We will be giving away $5.00 off coupons to use that day at Go Sauce Yourself for every t-shirt purchased. We are also doing pre-orders online for a free Wilmington Shark ticket (good any day all season) with the purchase of a t-shirt. One of the questions someone asked me was, “Do we need a t-shirt to party with you?” When we are out and about just having fun and we love to have people join in, but when we have a special event, such as the launch party, yes you do. The reason for that is because the businesses helping us put on these events our offering us a group discount of sorts and do not normally offer these discounts to the general public or possibly even any other group. This will give you the opportunity to try some new things at a free or discounted rate, as well as introduce you to a whole new group of people. This is especially nice if you are new to the area. I will be touching more on this next week, as I introduce some of the events that are happening. There are a couple already started on the homepage.

Hope that answered a couple more questions. That is all for me today. Not sure what the plan is with the rain, but will always find FUN!!!!

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