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Hope everyone was able to get out and enjoy the sunshine for a little bit yesterday. I know I did, but it was later in the day. We decided to go to Sweet n Savory Cafe last night for dinner. We were looking for a light dinner, so we decided to split a few things. It was a seafood night for us. We started the evening with an appetizer. The scallops with roasted mushrooms, blueberries and arugula. I really wanted the stuffed meatballs, but did not think they would go with our dinner choice. I took a picture of the scallops when the arrived at the table and then a close-up after I moved a little of the arugula, so you could actually see the scallops. There were three scallops under all that deliciousness on top. Upon finishing the appetizer, our entrée came. We had ordered the Salmon off the Chef Inspired part of the menu since they were having a special of $4.00 off those entrees. I always try to pick things that are on special when we go out, so we can make everyone aware of some the great offerings around the area. The salmon came with a grilled polenta, which you really cannot see in the picture, since the salmon is covering it. There were also roasted tomatoes, and summer squash over a blistered sweet corn bisque. It was quite pretty and delicious. Seeing as I have been blogging about three course meals lately. We felt that dessert was in order. Not only that, but they had a couple I wanted to try. Not to mention all the great dessert choices inside that are not on the menu. Now the question was do we get the Personal Apple Pie la mode or the Chocolate Cake a la Mode. The Apple sounded really good with the puff pastry, Granny Smith apples, cinnamon sauce and ice cream. But sorry, the chocolate won out after the waiter told us how delicious it was. He did not lie either. Look at that cake. It was warm dark chocolate cake, with a generous portion of chocolate ganache drizzled over it. The waiter was really good about literally running out the dessert the minute it was ready. I was able to take two quick pictures before the ice cream fell off the top of the cake from the warm ganache. I think this goes on the list of favorites. Although I need to put a disclaimer by it, this is made for two. I was so delicious, but we could not finish it all. Tiny doggie bag please.

Sweet n Savory Cafe Sweet n Savory Cafe Scallops Salmon Sweet n Savory Cafe Sweet n Savory Cafe

It was early, so we made one more stop across the street to Waterman’s Brewing Company. They recently added Two Blondes’ Trivia on Tuesday night, so we thought we would check it out. As soon as we stepped outside it began to pour. Trivia was supposed to be outside, but they moved it in for the evening just in case there was another downpour. We played trivia as our own team called The Other Blondes. We had not planned on staying for the whole game, so we did not team up with the large group of guys playing next to us. We did end up staying the whole time, although we did not do very well. I am hoping to get a Wilmington Fun team together in the next couple of weeks and see the Two Blondes at one of their locations. They also play on Wednesday night at Might As Well and Thursday at Bone and Bean. I know one thing, if we do it Waterman’s Brewing Company I have to try Tuesday Tots. They sound crazy good.

Waterman's Brewing Company Waterman's Brewing Company Waterman's Brewing Company

Well, that is all for me today. Get out and enjoy the sunshine before the rain moves in again. Just remember no matte what you do, have FUN!!!!

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