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Hope it is a beautiful day there. As I mentioned yesterday, I am away for a family function. Even though I am away, I took time beforehand to put together some great ideas for Mother’s Day. I will start with Carolina Beach. There are so many things to enjoy down at the beach. And if your children are looking for some inexpensive options, today I have a whole list of them. This is a very family friendly blog today and tomorrow, so be sure to share it with your children.

I am not even sure where to start there are so many great places on the beach to bring a mom on Mother’s Day. My first thought is for a beach walk. As a mom, I know that when my kids want to take a walk on the beach with me, it is one of the best gifts ever. And the best part for them, it is FREE. If you are there in the morning, one of my suggestions would be Britt’s Donuts on The Boardwalk. They make the donuts fresh, and you can watch. It is only $1 for a donut. A great way for a younger child to bring you out for breakfast. Not sure exactly what happens at this new place, but hopefully it is open. Cookie DOH togo. I am making the assumption that you can buy the cookie dough and bake the cookies at home. I included it because baking cookies is a great way to spend time with your children, at least mine. Hopefully it will be warm enough out and if it is, you and the kids can make a stop at New Orleans Snowballs, Krazy Kones, Island Ice Factory or even Jack’s Retreat if you would like some lunch. Sorry, had to get the Hot Dogs in there somewhere. And they have really good ones.

Playing at the beach Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Bicycle

One of my favorite stops on the island gets a little more attention today, The Fudgeboat. It was the first place we tried when we moved here and one of the few places I can find a Chocolate Covered Strawberry. They also have some treats like, caramel covered popcorn, chocolates and chocolate covered pretzels. Let’s not forget the numerous kinds of fudge and ice cream available. They do allow a few samples to find your favorite. I will need to stop there after I get back to have a Chocolate Covered Strawberry.

The Fudgeboat Treats The Fudgeboat Cone Selection The Fudgeboat Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream

If The Boardwalk is not your thing, you can drive up the street just a tad toward the bridge and stop at Tastebuds Popcorn. They have like 200 kinds of popcorn there. Again, you can try some and find your favorite. They have cheese popcorn and also popcorn with candy and the best is covered in chocolate. Definitely worth a stop by to try some of the amazing flavors.

Carolina Beach Some of the flavors Tastebuds Popcorn Decadent Dog Popcorn Tastebuds Popcorn

I know I have not mentioned everyplace on the island to grab a treat or a quick snack. I apologize for not being able to get them all in today. No matter where you go with mom om Mother’s Day, I guarantee she will love it. The best gift is spending the day with her.

I will do one more tomorrow with some suggestions for Downtown Wilmington and Monkey Junction area. Enjoy the weekend. Be sure to get out and have some FUN!!!!

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