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Yesterday I went to the Brooklyn Arts District. I started my visit at Palate. Awesome bottle shop that also has beer on tap and lots of wine to choose from in the cooler and on the shelves. You can also buy it by the glass. It is a very friendly place. I have been there before, a couple of times actually and everyone is always so nice. I was joking around with a few of them last night and we had a great time. One woman in particular had me in stitches. I hope she contacts me, so I can do some type of article on what she is starting. It was just a quick stop, since I was early to my main reason for going to the Brooklyn Arts District.

The District Kitchen & Cocktails was holding an art reception for Bradley Carter. This event was put together by Art in Bloom Gallery. They had a terrific turnout. There was champagne, a cheese platter and some very delicious meatballs for their guests. There was even a free raffle to win one of the paintings. You can see below which painting was given away. It was the one pictured with Bradley Carter. I have also put a few more of his works below. He does live locally, so am I sure Art in Bloom can get you in contact if you would like to look at his work.

Since I always need to try something new, and I apologize ahead of time for not knowing the name, I had deep fried potato balls. The women sitting next to us had them and they looked so delicious. We had to try them. Ok now, I am a huge potato lover, but these were out of this world. The only thing that could have me go to heaven was having a gorgonzola dip of some type with it. It’s just a personal thing, since I am not a big fan of sour cream. These are going on my list though, as a favorite.

So that was last night. Now let’s see what we can find for today. Wrightsville Beach Brewery will have their Farmer’s Market from 4:00, Sayer McShane playing at Gibby’s at 7:00, karaoke at Sloppy Poppys at 10:00 and I believe I may be heading to the Dubliner tonight for a game of Cards Against Humanity 7:00. Should be a good time.

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  1. Thank you for writing about The District Kitchen & Cocktails, Art in Bloom Gallery, and the artist, Bradley Carter. Nice to meet you. Glad you were at the champagne toast and reception to celebrate Bradley Carter’s art. The art exhibit continues through the end of May, 2018 at The District. Also, view Bradley’s art continuously at Art in Bloom Gallery, 210 Princess St., Wilmington, NC 28401.

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