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I started the day with a trip to Jerry Allen’s, Katy’s. I originally went for a sales call, but it turned into breakfast. The place was busy, but not overcrowded, so one of the owners asked if I would mind sitting with a few of the regulars while I was waiting. I am always up for meeting new people, so of course I said, no problem. They were a very interesting group of older gentlemen, so after my meeting, I joined them for breakfast. I did not even realize there were two different places in that one building. Shame on me, because this place was really good. They have a different breakfast special everyday. I tried the special for Tuesday which was 1/2 price omelette with toast. I had the Western omelette and hopefully you can see from the picture that it was nicely filled. Waiting to go back on a Friday for the French Toast special. If you are looking for a quick diner type breakfast, I would say give this place a try. It could become your new favorite.

As for dinner, I had no plans, but at the last minute a friend of mine texted and asked where I was going for dinner. I said I had no plans, but needed to eat. We had decided on Yosake. We had both been before, but since it was Happy Hour (5-7 weekdays), we thought we take advantage of their special section of the menu. We started with the Tomato Ginger Soup. It is very flavorful – almost spicy. I tend to order it every time I go there. The Chicken & Jalapeno Egg Roll were also very good. We had ordered a few salmon and tuna rolls as our entree. They were so delicious, we kept going back and forth as to if we should get a fourth. As you can see by the pictures, yes we got a fourth. I also had an interesting drink with dinner. Given that it was a Japanese themed restaurant I was surprised to see a drink called Oui Oui on the menu. It was a refreshing tequilla drink with a very minty taste. It went well with the food, but I think next time I will stick with Hello Kitty. I enjoy that one just a bit more.

It was a terrific night out. We sat at the sushi bar which it is always fun to watch them make the sushi and they are so pleasant. I was happy that she texted and I decided to out for dinner. I was just going to have dinner at home and go out for a glass of wine, but this was much better.

A few ideas for tonight are: Sweet n Savory wine tasting 6 pm, and Boe Edens playing at Liberty Tavern at 7-11.

I know it is during the week, but remember to get out and have some FUN!!!!!

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