Good Morning,

Sorry yesterday was not eventful for me. I got a late start to my day after staying out so late on Friday night. I did a five mile walk on the beach though, and went to The Lazy Pirate for dinner. I was hoping to get a quick relaxing drink outside at The Fat Pelican, but by the time I was finished with the walk it was getting a little chilly out. So I opted just to get a nice dinner with my friend at The Lazy Pirate. We decided to share a couple of meals, so we ordered the jambalaya and a salmon wrap. They were both delicious. My friend was very happy with her Mystery Beers. If you are not familiar with these, they are beers that they sell for $2.50 each and they just grab one and it is always a surprise. I have had other friends do this when I was there before and they seemed happy with the idea too. I have pictures of the food below, I should have taken pictures of the beer too, forgot. I will get better at this promise. After The Lazy Pirate just went home for a relaxing evening. I know it was Saturday night, but sometimes you just need to relax for fun.

Hoping to go to the Red Carpet Oscar night at the Blind Elephant tonight. Carpet rolls out at 7:00. Some other things to do to : Dos Eddies are playing at Gibby’s 1:00 – 5:00, Villa Nova is at the Reel at 10:00pm and I know it’s a little short notice but don’t forget about brunch at Sweet n Savory

Have a wonderful day and remember to have FUN!!!!!!

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