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Hope everyone enjoyed their Friday night. I am finding that my blogs on Saturdays and Sundays are a little later than during the week. Probably because I pack so much into my Friday and Saturday.

Yesterday I started with a walk on Carolina Beach, not before a trip to Britt’s Donuts though. Not only is spring in the air, but also the smell of Britt’s Donuts. They were selling them as fast as they were making them. I always enjoy watching them make the donuts through the glass window. When I arrived there was a shorter than usual line. I was already to jump in line when I bumped into a couple of friends. We spoke for a few minutes and I turned to get into line and found it was gone. They are so quick there. It helps that they only sell one kind of doughnut. I walked about three miles on the beach. The first half of the walk was so windy, I thought I was in a sand storm. Along my walk, I noticed that the Tiki Bar at Ocean Grill was open. I probably would have stopped if I had been more prepared.

Britt's Donuts Carolina Beach

After walking, I decided the little doughnut from Britt’s was not enough, so I should make a quick stop on the way home. I was in the mood for a sandwich, but could not decided where to stop. I was at the light and saw Bagel Meister. I looked at the clock and it was not 2:00 yet, so I pulled into the parking lot. I entered to find they still have several types of bagels available. I decided on the Kure Beach with a poppy seed bagel. It was a warm sandwich with fresh cooked bacon, chicken, avocado, lettuce, tomato and cheese. While I was taking pictures, I had to have a bite. It was fantastic. I really need to go earlier in the day, so I can try a breakfast sandwich. I like the fact that they have the grill there to make everything fresh. They also have doughnuts there. I have tried theirs in the past when I have gone for bagels. The are probably my favorite glazed doughnut in town.

Bagel Meister Kure Beach Sandwich Bagel Meister

Speaking of things that are my favorite. I am going to start to put something together called Lori’s List of Loves. I was thinking about just putting it out a couple times a year, but then I decided people would be missing out if the menu changed or if they were only in town for a short time. Please look for that change on the homepage in the near future. There are so many amazing foods, drinks and attractions that need to be shared from our wonderful little area. Please remember that these are my favorites. I will let you know if they are someone else’s favorite. The reason I say that is there are a few things that I do not or cannot eat, but would like to include them. So if I have a friend or family member that really likes something, I would like to include that. You will realize that there are two things I really avoid, nuts and coffee. I will do my best with this section though. And as always, I would love to see comments.

That’s it for today. I encourage everyone with family in to go grab some ice cream, gelato, fudge, or some other type of treat and head out to the beach or downtown while it is still nice out. Whatever you do though, have FUN!!!!

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