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I hope everyone is enjoying the sun. I know I will be later. Where did we leave off yesterday? Oh, that’s right.

My friend and I had appetizers and dessert at Johnny Luke’s. Since it was a Monday, they had half price appetizers. They also have them on Tuesdays and Thursday too. They are available from 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm. We thought this was a good option for us, given that we wanted great food, but not too much. Don’t forget, I was snacking all day at the beach. We started with a glass of wine. They have a nice wine list. I can’t remember the exact special, but I know they have half price wine by the bottle on Wednesdays. If I have it right, think it is any bottle up to $50.00 is half off. While ordering the wine I put in for an order of Baked Brie. They have one of my favorite Baked Brie appetizers. It is served warm with raspberry jalapeno sauce or just plain raspberry sauce. We ordered the brie with both so you could see them. It is also comes with toasted crostini, apples and pears. I love this combination with a glass of white wine. Halfway through the brie, we talked about getting something else small. The Bacon and Shrimp Scallops sounded really delicious. I had not had them here before, so we thought that would be a good option. The shrimp and scallops are wrapped in a cajun, candied bacon. They came with a side of thai chili sauce. It was a terrific choice. They were so tasty. We did not have room for dessert, but decided to order it anyway. It is great when you go out with another foodie. We chose the creme brulee since it was a lighter dessert and something else I had never had before there. For being full, the dessert did not last for long. Everything was wonderful. I am hoping to go back another day when I am a bit more hungry. They have nachos that are so awesome and there were several other dinners I would not mind trying.

Johnny Luke's Johnny Lukes Johnny Luke's Johnny Luke's Creme Brulee Johnny Luke's

We did go out last night on an adventure, but I am going to save that for next Wednesday’s blog. We will be moving our office next Tuesday and Wednesday. I may have a guest blogger for the other day. Please excuse us if we are not on top of things for a couple of days. Don’t worry, by Thursday morning we should be back to normal. I just wanted to apologize in advance if we leave something out. We are getting a little bigger space to accommodate our growing company.

I am still in the process of organizing some Thank You T-shirt sales. The first one is scheduled for April 7th at Cody’s North (the one on Market Street) and I am putting together the details for a t-shirt event at Tastebuds Popcorn in Carolina on April 20th. Please be sure to check the homepage. These are going to be great deals.

Couple of things to check out today. Wednesday night Trivia at Might as Well with the Two Blondes at 8, Bill Powell at The Liberty Tavern at 7 and Improv Wednesdays at The Dead Crow Comedy at 8.

That does it for me today. Need to bring my daughter out for a birthday lunch. So I must get ready for the day. Please be sure to get out and enjoy this fabulous weather and most of all, have FUN!!!!

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  1. Thanks for the great write up, Lori! We really appreciate it. It was such a pleasure meeting and chatting with you on Monday. We look forward having you back again soon. Wilmington Fun is a fantastic blog…we will definitely be giving you a shout out on our Facebook page! Have a great day and Happy Easter!

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