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Yesterday was a busy day. So busy that I will take two days to cover it. There were many stops down at the beach during the early afternoon. And then for dinner, I went to the North side of Wilmington. Yes, I put a lot of miles on my car some days.

I started at Tastebuds Popcorn. I have been there several times before, but always enjoy stopping. They are so nice there and let you try the popcorn before you buy it. This works out great for me since I never know what kind I want to get. There are so many choices. So far my favorite is extreme cheddar cheese popcorn. It can be messy because there is so much cheese on it, but so worth it. I shouldn’t be eating it in the car anyway, but I cannot wait until I get home. Today I tried the cookies and cream, peanut butter and white chocolate truffle. OMG – the white chocolate truffle was good.

Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Tastebuds Popcorn Tastebuds Popcorn

Since it seemed like a sample kind of day. I am trying to take a couple of days off from huge meals, since I haven’t had as much time to walk lately. I was on the Boardwalk down at Carolina Beach and noticed that The Island Ice Factory was open. Who can pass up fudge and ice cream. The girls were so sweet that waited on me. One was in training, so I let her practice on me. She offered me samples of the ice cream. I tried their brownie batter and the mint chip. The brownie batter was awesome. Can’t wait to have that when it gets warmer. I also tried a couple of samples of fudge. The peanut butter Oreo and the Butterfinger bits. The Butterfinger bits is my choice. They also, of course, have Italian Ice. I thought I would save that for next time.

The Island Ice Factory The Island Ice Factory Island Ice Factory The Island Ice Factory

Continuing on my walk, since it is still March, not everything was open. Go Sauce Yourself was though. They have so many wonderful gourmet sauces. I always enjoy going in to try the samples that are available. There were quite a few today. Not being in a hurry, I decided to try them all. From the very mild to the hottest samples, I gave them all a fair taste. How else could I tell you what was good. Although as I have said numerous times, everything is subjective. I tend to like hot, spicy foods, so what may be terrific for me, may be too hot for others. The best idea is for you to try for yourself. Go Sauce Yourself sells beverages, so if you try one that is too hot, you are covered. My favorite for the day was The General’s Hot Sauce, Marine Green. It was not the hottest, but I thought the tastiest of the sauces I tried. If that is available when you go in, give it a try.

Hot Sauces Go Sauce Yourself Go Sauce Yourself Go Sauce Yourself Go Sauce Yourself

Well, now that I am full. We both know that will not last long. I headed home from the beach to rest a bit before going to dinner with a friend. I will tell you about that tomorrow. I am trying to keep these short for you, so as not to take up a lot of time, but let you know of all the wonderful places around Wilmington and the surrounding areas. As I mentioned, please be patient with the website growth. I am waiting for information to come in from some of the restaurants and bars. Plus, I visit new ones all the times, not to mention the shops and easy eat venues.

We do have some upcoming events that I will be posting on the homepage as the information becomes available. Please check it daily. I would not want you to miss out on anything fun with us. We will be selling t-shirts on location in April and May at many of favorite places. You can also get them on the website.

That’s all for now. Remember to get out and have FUN!!!!

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