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I cannot believe it is Thursday already. Had fun yesterday. We started the evening at an event for my friend at Smoke on the Water. It was a special event and the food was a buffet, so given that it was not my event, I did not take pictures. I do have to say though that the food was very good. They had crab cakes, chicken skewers, and fruit and cheese platters. After making an appearance there, we were off to downtown.

Our first stop was Pinpoint Restaurant. They were having a reception for local artist, Janette K Hopper. I enjoyed her work and have included a few pictures to share. If you interested in her art, you can find her on Facebook. It was a lovely reception. They had various types of food to try. I was only able to get pictures of the lettuce wraps. We were running a little late from the other event. They also had oysters and few other tasty snacks, from what I heard. I did get a lettuce wrap and one oyster. They were fantastic. I will have to go soon and do a whole blog on their restaurant. There was even an acoustic guitar player to add to the evening.

Pinpoint Restaurant Pinpoint Restaurant Pinpoint Restaurant Pinpoint Restaurant Pinpoint Restaurant

Pinpoint Restaurant Pinpoint Restaurant Pinpoint Restaurant Pinpoint Restaurant

From Pinpoint Restaurant, we made a quick stop at Tavern Law 1832. Love that place. They have lots of games to play there. Maybe I can plan a game night there soon. That would be FUN. And of course, we had to have a little bag of Pop Culture’s popcorn for dessert. Nice, light topper to the evening. We then made one last stop for the night at Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Their Wednesday special is Wine, so we had to try a bottle. I like the fact that if you don’t finish it, you can bring it home. We had a bottle of Rose’. The ice bucket is great, especially since we went over to the big comfy leather sofas to enjoy the wine. We were greeted by a man from the upstairs. I didn’t realize there was a pool table up there. I have been several times to this place and have yet to be upstairs. I have been in the little patio area outside, which is very cozy.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Well, that was it for our night. Sorry not as eventful as some, but still enjoyable, never the less. I know it will be last-minute, but hoping I can get a group together for tonight for Trivia at Bone and Bean. I will have to see what happens. They are having their first night of trivia there with the Two Blondes.

Tomorrow night Gene Gregory is at the Sour Barn at 8, Cafe Nouveau Gypsy Jazz at Platypus and Gnome at 7 (don’t forget you can get Wilmington Fun t-shirts there), The Ultimate Brewing Championship is being held at 6:30 at the Hannah Block Historic USO and don’t forget Fourth Friday, downtown. If I can, I will stop by the Brewing Championship early and get information on Craft Beer Week to post in Breaking Fun, maybe even some pictures.

Have an awesome day and remember to have FUN!!!!

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