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Little bit windy yesterday, so the first part of my outing was brief. I went to Wrightsville Beach Brewery yesterday. They had the Farmer’s Market in the big back yard (not exactly sure what they call it). There were only a few vendors because it was so windy. Mostly vendors with large items or provided services. The vendors told me to come back in about three weeks. They said it would be packed with vendors and shoppers.

After looking around outside, we proceeded inside to have a drink and some dinner. The bar was full, so we opted for a table. I generally like sitting at the bar so I can talk to people and see what they think of the restaurant, but lately haven’t had much luck. It’s getting to be that time of year. We did get a nice table in the bar area though. We started with my friend getting a beer flight. I’m glad she did, seeing as we were at a brewery. Made for some nice pictures. The server was very knowledgable about the beer, which was a plus. Made for some nice pictures.

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I have been there several times, but have never chosen my own food here. Truth be known, bad habit, I tend to just eat off other people’s plates. Been doing it for years. Any of my long time friends reading this are nodding their head as they chuckle. I like options, what can I say. We ordered the chicken, and the pizza. Both were yummy. I must say the chicken was so moist, it melted in my mouth. We were not able to finish everything, so a doggie bag was in order. I was told by my friend to include this in the blog. The take home containers are 100% recyclable. Hopefully she is smiling right now. We did have to try dessert though. Again, ended up not taking any of that home either. Good thing I walk on the beach a lot. When we were finishing dinner, the music was just starting. The two women playing were enjoyable. Only heard a few songs, but the ones we did hear were terrific. Nice thing was they weren’t so loud that we had to shout at each other. Was a great evening there. I look forward to going back when the weather gets nicer. I think they are starting their Reggae Sundays soon. I will get in touch with them as soon as possible so I can get their music schedule up for April.

Not sure what today holds, but I know it is going to be beautiful out. Would like to get to the beach later.

As far as tomorrow. I will be starting the day out at Slainte Monkey Junction for Irish breakfast. From there, who knows, but if you checkout the St. Patrick’s Day Breaking Fun on the Homepage, you will know where I will be stopping throughout the day. Remember tomorrow is a big drinking holiday. We urge you to drink responsibly. Please take a cab, uber, lyft or have a designated driver.

Whatever you do, please have FUN!!!! and be safe!!!!

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  1. Yes I am smiling!!! And not only were the containers recyclable but compostable as well! Good food, Good beer, Good music and environmentally friendly – it has it all ?

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