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I had so much fun last night. As promised, we went to some place new. The Little Dipper was great. We arrived right after they opened at 5:00. I love going places early, so much easier to get a seat. It was Ladies Night. The special was $9.00 for cheese and chocolate fondue. There was also a drink special of gin and pineapple (specialty cocktail) for $5.00. Of course, we had to try the drink. Not something I would normally have, but it was really good and not too sweet. I have so many pictures from last night think I will post as I describe them.

For the cheese fondue, we ordered the Switzerland’s Original, which is Guyere,Emmethaler and Parmigano cheeses with a white wine base with nutmeg, kirsch and garlic. A wonderful choice, if I do say so myself. There was a nice array of vegetables and bread that came for dipping. We had ordered a side of grilled chicken and shrimp to go along with it, since we were hungry. They had such a nice flavor that we could eat them with or without dipping.

It was then on to dessert. We had a very hard time deciding on which combination to try. There were so many choices and we wanted to try them all, but decided on the Black and Tan. No, not the beer. This was a dark chocolate with caramel and it had a Himalayan Pink Salt. I am a huge fan of popcorn with Milk Duds and this reminded me of it. The salt and the sweet together, yummy. We also had a choice of dippers for dessert and decided on the Classic choice. I have had fondue other places, but I must admit, cream puffs to dip in chocolate, GENIUS!!!!! Oh, and I forgot about the crushed graham crackers for a topping, again, GENIUS!!!! This place is on the return list for sure.

Not sure what I am doing tonight. Thinking, Wrightsville Beach Brewery since they have the farmer’s market and music tonight, but you never know where I will find Fun.

As far as some things on my radar for tomorrow night. Live Jazz at the Platypus and Gnome at 7, March Madness at the Lazy Pirate starting at noon, Dubtown Cosmonauts at The Calico Room with Paperwork at 9. Don’t forget to check out the St. Patrick’s Day happenings on Breaking Fun too, for Saturday.

I am off to enjoy the beautiful day. Hope you are too. Don’t forget to get out and have some FUN!!!!

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