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Hope everyone had a good weekend. I decided that Monday or Tuesday will be my no blog day. I say that because I had a terrific brunch on Sunday, but now as I am typing, realizing that I have forgotten a few things about the day. I am apologizing in advance.

Sunday we celebrated a birthday at Havana’s in Carolina Beach. There were 5 of us, so lots of pictures of food. We had a nice quiet table in the back of the restaurant. We ordered drinks. One of my friends ordered a Bloody Mary and it was so pretty, I had to take a picture. She told me to tell all of you, it was delicious and she would definitely order it again. Then it was onto brunch. It was great since some of us ordered breakfast and others lunch. I had never eaten there before, so this was a real treat. We ordered the Eggs Benedict and Crab Benedict. They did have a third selection, and you could order a Triple Benedict Special, which is half an order of all three. We came close to doing that. The Birthday Girl ordered Shrimp and Grits. The others ordered lunch, which consisted of a Bison Burger and a really good sandwich I forgot the name of, but it included ham, pulled pork, cheese and pickles. If anyone from Havana’s reads this, please comment as to the name of the sandwich, because it looked awesome. I didn’t get to try that sandwich, although I did steal some tater tots. What I did get to taste was the Bison Burger and oh was that yummy. I little big for me, but I’m sure I can find someone to go and split one. I had the Eggs Benedict which was delicious. The apple cinnamon bread, potatoes, and fresh fruit were a wonderful bonus. We were all full, until they brought chocolate mousse out for the Birthday Girl. After she blew out the candle, we all had to try it. It was amazing. The little tiny chunks of chocolate, think it could be my favorite mousse here yet.

Well, that was our trip to Havana’s. I hope we gave you a great taste for it. Nice to blog about lots of meals, since I am such a foodie.

If you go out later this evening. Be sure to stop by Tavern Law 1832 tonight. Trivia and free wings – starts at 7.

As far as tomorrow, Whiskey Tango Foxtrot has Mother Earth Weiss Release Party at 6, Waterman’s has a Humpday Pub Run 6-8 with a mellow run followed by 1/2 price app or sandwich and select $3 pints and Elonzo Wesley at Jimmy’s at Red Dogs 10pm.

Today is nice and sunny. If it is a walk, lunch, dinner, or trivia, what ever you do make sure you have some FUN!!!!!

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