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What a nice rainy day. Should clear up later and see a little sun. Yesterday I went for a walk on Wrightsville Beach, where they are still working, but still very walkable. FYI, do not forget the meters get uncovered today. My walk made me hungry, so I was driving around and found this cute little spot to have a snack. Brent’s Bistro. It is on Wrightsville Avenue. I went early, as usual, to insure a place a at the bar. The bartender was very pleasant helping me selected a wine. I had decided on a sparkling rose to go with the ahi tuna appetizer. After ordering, I was happily surprised by a little loaf of Ciabatta bread and butter. Not the norm when only ordering an app, but it was warm and delicious never the less. The ahi tuna was cooked perfectly, with a little wasabi and ginger on the side. I did remember to take a picture before eating it. I am getting better about that. Brent was telling me about the brunch they have on Sundays, so I will be going back soon to try that. Brunch is always my favorite, so if anyone has a place they enjoy, please comment and let me know.

After leaving Brent’s Bistro, I arrived at Sweet and Savory where they were doing a wine tasting. I had never been to theirs before, but I joined the Wine Lady, since she had all good things to say about it. I am sure she will be doing an article on them soon. The owner, Rob, was extremely knowledgeable about all 5 wines we tried. Wine, like food, for the most part is subject to taste, so I cannot really comment. I can say, they were all white, mostly Sauvignon Blancs, with grapefruit undertones. I didn’t get a chance to eat there, since I had just had a snack a Brent’s, but I have eaten brunch there in the past and thought it was terrific. I did though get a picture of one of the giant cupcakes. I had all I could do not to eat it after taking the picture, but it was late, and going to all these places I need to be careful not to eat too much late at night. We all know how that goes. For a Wednesday it was a terrific night out. There are so many places in the area to try. I am determined to get to them all.

Well, that is all for now, I am off on today’s adventures. I am thinking Michael’s Seafood today. I have not been and heard there is half price wine tonight as well as some delicious app specials. I do not think time will permit me to do everything, but there is a Farmer’s Market at Wrightsville Beach Brewery today from 4:00 – 8:00. And there will be a full moon tonight, so Oceanic will have their doors open tonight to sit on the deck and enjoy the view, as well as the food.

Have a wonderful day and remember to have FUN!!!!

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