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Yesterday was a very exciting day for Wilmington Fun. We gave away the $500 gift basket at the Wilmington Sharks game. Before I get started with the blog this morning, I would like to thank a few people for yesterday. First a big shout to my friend Bobby from Tavern Law, thank you so much for coming to game, picking the random winner out of Wilmington Fun’s Likes and helping announce the winner. You are awesome. Also thanks to my friends Alyson, Carson and the staff of The Wilmington Sharks for helping me put this event together, as well as some of the donations for the gift basket. I look forward to many more games. My biggest thank you must go to my friends and my daughter for supporting me these last couple months. I could not have done it without them. They have gone to t-shirt events, eaten at what ever place I suggested, partied at many new places, gone to events they normally would not have, and told everyone they know about Wilmington Fun. They have been a great example getting out and trying new things and having FUN with them. The exact concept I am trying to promote. I could not ask for more loyal people in my corner and cannot thank them enough. You know who you are, and I know you all do not want the publicity.

Yesterday we started with a nice walk on Carolina Beach. I mention this because I took a couple of good pictures and want to share them.

Freeman Park Carolina Beach Carolina Beach

We were early getting downtown for our pre-game at Tavern Law, so we stopped at Fat Tony’s for a couple of appetizers in case we did not have time to eat at the game. Their drink special was $3.00 well drinks, so I figured I would have one here since I was not driving for bit. Because we were at the bar and it was between 3:00pm – 6:00pm, we were able to get a couple of the appetizers half price. I really like eggplant rollatini, so we ordered that along with some mozzarella sticks. The eggplant rollatini is fresh eggplant rolled and stuffed with shallots, ricotta, and parmesan topped with house made marinara and baked. We stayed just long enough to eat and we were off to Tavern Law to meet another friend. We had a drink there and it was off to the game to meet everyone else.

Fat Tony's Italian Pub Fat Tony's Italian Pub Fat Tony's Italian Pub Fat Tony's Italian Pub

Fat Tony's Italian Pub Fat Tony's Italian Pub Fat Tony's Italian Pub Fat Tony's Italian Pub

This was my first Wilmington Sharks game. I like baseball, so I knew it would be FUN. I was right. We started the evening with my Wilmington Fun peeps encouraging everyone to like the page and telling them all about the website. Again, cannot thank them enough for that. We had some pictures taken, and met Sharkie (and a few of his smaller fans). My friends and I had some sausage, $1.00 drafts and soda, and tried some of their other beverages. We had a blast watching the game, especially with the grand slam that tied the game in 5th. At the end of the 5th inning we gave away the gift basket. We were supposed to do it in the 7th inning, but the game was running very long, so we moved it up a bit. Right before the announcement we picked a winner at random. Bobby and I were pretty nervous. We were thinking what happens if no one comes up to claim the basket. In radio speak, dead air. LOL Luckily, when we announced the winner, it happened to be someone that was at the field. We have some video at the bottom of the blog, I hope. I have never tried to put video on the blog before, so if it does not work out, I am sorry in advance and I will get one of my computer gurus to help fix it. The winner was Gail Ritter and hopefully she is reading this right now. If she does not follow the blog, at least I hope she is reading it today. Gail, in the basket is 2 Wilmington Fun t-shirts. They will get you into the all Special Events we have planned for the year. These are Your Ticket to FUN!! The first event is our Launch Party this Sunday from 4:00pm – 6:00pm at JohnnyLukes KitchenBar. I really hope you can attend. We will be having free appetizers and Dos Eddies will be performing. I look forward to meeting you.

Buck Hardee Field Buck Hardee Field Wilmington Fun Sharkie Wilmington Sharks

Getting ready to pick the winner Buck Hardee Field Buck Hardee Field Wilmington Fun/Wilmington Sharks Gift Basket

Well that was it for our day yesterday. The weekend starts today, so you know what that means. Get out and have FUN!!!

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