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What a busy day Thursday was in the late afternoon and evening. I squeezed a lot of activities in a short amount of time. First we made a quick stop that is not really about a bar or restaurant, but something I thought you may be interested in knowing. We dropped into the Monkey Junction Lowes to get a quick bite to eat. They have a Beer Den there. Well, on Thursdays it is half price beer and wine by the glass. You are allowed a maximum of two. Normally I would enjoy one while I was doing my shopping, but today we wanted a little something to eat and were not all that hungry. That being said, we hopped over to the section with all the prepared foods. It was pretty funny. We had my wine, my friend’s two beers and shared this meal, all for under $15.00. So if you need something quick and inexpensive on a Thursday, this might be an option.

Lowe's Monkey Junction Lowe's Monkey Junction Beer Den Lowe's Monkey Junction

Now on with the afternoon. Next, we made a trip to The Dubliner to check out their drink specials. I do not have them listed on the website because they change all the time. My friend had the special Whiskey and Coke for $4.00. I tried a sample of the Magner’s Irish Cider. We talked to the bartender a bit about Thursday night’s Card Against Humanity event. Sounds interesting and thinking I may need to get a group of people to go. It was getting late and I needed to drop my friend off, so I could pick up another one for the evening.

The Dubliner The Dubliner The Dubliner The Dubliner

I picked up one of my other friends and we headed toward the Battleship, when we realized we were a little early. She had never been in the new piano bar Tails before, so I thought that might be a good place. They have music, although not this time of the day, but we did each enjoy a tasty beverage. She had gotten a Briar Patch. That is Jim Beam Bourbon, Fresh Blackberry & Sage Simple Syrup, Burlesque Bitters with a Blackberry Garnish. I had gotten a Cape Fear Sunset. That is coconut rum, pineapple juice, sweet grenadine with a pineapple and cherry garnish. We went out to the courtyard to enjoy our drinks for a bit. I took some pictures of the courtyard. It always amazes me what people can do with some of the spaces downtown. Absolutely beautiful. It was now time to head over to the Battleship.

Tails Tails Tails Tails

I made arrangements with Thalian Association to drop by their dress rehearsal for The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial play they were doing on The Battleship. The production will run from June 29 until July 15, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. They will also have a special performance on the Fourth of July. What an awesome spot to watch the fireworks. You can check out Thalian Association’s website for more information. This was my first time on the battleship, so I took a minute to take some pictures of the Battleship as well as the production.

Thalian Association Battleship Caine Mutiny Court Martial Caine Mutiny Court Martial U.S.S. North Carolina 1908

The Battleship The Battleship U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship Memorial Caine Mutiny Court Martial Caine Mutiny Court Martial

After getting our pictures there and watching a bit of the play, we moved on to another new place for me. Jamaica House Sports Bar and Grill is number 218. I was looking for some place different and my friend had recently been there and said I would like it. There are so many hidden gems in this city. We were not really hungry, but knew I had to try something. So we went with the Coco Bread and Jamrock Shrimp. I cannot wait to go back and try something like the jerk chicken or the buffet. I forgot to ask if the buffet was only on Sundays. The $2.00 Margarita special on Thursdays is pretty good too.

Jamaica House Sports Bar and Grill Jamaica House Sports Bar and Grill Jamaica House Sports Bar and Grill Jamaica House Sports Bar and Grill Jamaica House Sports Bar and Grill Jamaica House Sports Bar and Grill

Well that was it for Thursday. I have been having a lot of FUN this week. Hope you can get out today and have some FUN!!!!!

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