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Monday evening Wilmington Fun had a Special Event at Board and Barrel in the newly renovated Hotel Ballast. This was a t-shirt event. This was our third event since we launched in April. The Hotel Ballast is on the riverwalk. Currently there are major repairs going on around the hotel, but access can be found on Walnut. The hotel itself has on street parking, valet or a pay lot for guests. I did not spend much time in the hotel, since our event was focused more around the pool area and their restaurant, Board and Barrel. The pool area is a bit secluded, so I took a shot of it from a higher floor. We were right outside the pool area at the tables near the cabanas. They also have a nice seating section with a fireplace, which we definitely did not need Monday night.

The Hotel Ballast The Hotel Ballast The Hotel Ballast The Hotel Ballast

We had a great time at the event, although with the weather we did not have as many people attend as we had hoped. The people that showed up wearing their Wilmington Fun t-shirts received free appetizers. They started us out with sections of the Edgar’s Burger. These are all beef patties with lettuce, tomato, bacon jam, “perfect yolk”, brie and a secret sauce. While we were enjoying those, they had also brought out Fried Tomatoes. They were a fried green tomato with pimento cheese, onion jam and pickled melon. Lastly they had brought out the Chef’s Choice Three Artisanal Cheese platter. On their menu it reads country pate, smoke almonds, mustard seed, crostini and blueberry- vanilla jam. For cheeses on Monday, we had a dill, cheddar and a smoked gouda. There were also a couple of meats on the tray that I am not sure if they would normally come on the platter, since they are not listed. Everything was delicious. I cannot wait to go back for lunch someday soon.

Board and Barrel Board and Barrel Edgars' Burgers Board and Barrel Board and Barrel Chef's choice cheese tray

We also had some great music Monday evening, provided by Chris Nash. He was a real trooper. First he was playing in the intense heat, then next thing you know, we were helping him pack everything away because of the impending storm. I must say it was awesome how all the people from Wilmington Fun pitched in to get Chris’s equipment packed up and loaded into his truck before the rain. It was not even 5 minutes after we had him packed that the rain started to fall. We moved the party under cover into one of the cabanas at first, but the storm began to get worse, so we moved one more time under cover in their patio area. We had Chris join us in finishing up the appetizers. We had a wonderful time getting to know him. Unfortunately with the weather, I was not able to get a live feed in, but we do have one from when he was at all The Reel Cafe and you can also hear him at Get Chris Nash Music on Facebook.

Wilmington Fun Special Event The Hotel Ballast The Hotel Ballast The Hotel Ballast

Our evening ended a bit early, but we did have a lot of FUN!!! We look forward to doing another event with them in the future. It should be a decent day out, with a couple of storms in the afternoon, so be sure to get out and have some FUN!!!

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