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This weekend was a little brutal with the heat, so I spent most of the weekend down at the beach. I started Saturday with an early morning walk on Fort Fisher. I took a picture that I have not been able to ask friends or google about yet. The picture is below and I think it is of a baby jellyfish? If you have any idea what this is please let me know. There were a bunch of them on the beach Saturday morning.

Beach Fort Fisher

After my walk on the beach, I went to the Carolina Farmer’s Market. It is on the little lake next to Hang Ten. It was my first visit to that particular Farmer’s market. It was much larger than I expected. Most of the vendors were locals, which was great. I took a few pictures from some of the different booths they had there. I noticed afterwards that I took a lot of pictures of soap, sorry about that. There were a lot more booths there with art, jewelry and other crafts.

Carolina Beach Framer's Market Carolina Beach Farmer's Market Carolina Beach Farmer's Market Carolina Beach Farmer's Market Carolina Beach Farmer's Market Carolina Beach Farmer's Market

One of the booths at the Carolina Farmer’s Market was Mommy’s E-Z Baking. You can find her through our website or on Facebook. She has a number of products. There were marinades, spices, cookie mixes, croutons and even homemade bread. A have a picture of a box below filled with bags of chili mix, spinach dip and several other mixes, she calls this her emergency box. It had some great choices. If you get a chance you should check her out here or on the First Friday of the month at the Marina Village Farmer’s Market, she has samples of her dips there.

Mommy's E-Z Baking Mommy's E-Z Baking Mommy's E-Z Baking Mommy's E-Z Baking Mommy's E-Z Baking Mommy's E-Z Baking

My last stop of the day entailed the help of a friend, since I was going to get pizza. We decided on Krazy Pizza on the corner of 17th Street and Shipyard. I had been there before when I first moved here, but had not been there since. We started with drinks. The glass of wine I had looked so big. Unsure if you can tell from the picture, but it was mighty big. Not that I am complaining. Since I had help eating tonight, we ordered a meal plus the pizza. We started with a meatball pizza. I was looking for something a little different. Most of the time I order cheese or extra cheese. Along with the pizza, we ordered the lasagna. It came with a side of garlic bread. I had thought about dessert afterwards, but after all that cheese from the lasagna and the pizza, I decided against it.

Krazy Pizza Meatball pizza Krazy Pizza Krazy Pizza Krazy Pizza Krazy Pizza

Well that was Saturday. I know it was not very eventful for me, but I was getting up early in the morning to meet some friends, so I skipped the nightlife for a change. Do not forget, tonight is the Board and Barrel Special Event. Grab your Wilmington Fun t-shirt or tank top and meet us at the Board and Barrel on the riverwalk for free appetizers and music with Chris Nash. If you do not have a t-shirt or tank you can always buy one at the door. The cost is $25.00 and will get you into all the Special Events Wilmington Fun will be organizing. We are meeting rain or shine. They have a covered area for us.

Have a great day. Hope to see you all tonight. Either way, please get out and have FUN!!!!

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