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I would like to start by finishing up all the places we visited on Thursday before the band on beach. We met at my place first so we would only need to park one car. Although there is ample parking down at the beach, sometimes on Thursday you may have to park a few blocks away. The walk is worth it. After parking, we walked over to Nollie’s Taco Joint. We wanted to check this place out. I had never been and I believe it is still fairly new. This would be number 211 for those counting. If we can get to 300, there will definitely be a party at that place. At Nollie’s Taco Joint my friends started with the drink special of $2.00 Imperial cans. We then decided that getting some chips and salsa was in order. For dinner, as usual, we split a few things. After taking a bit to make sure we had what we thought were the best selections for us we ordered the Airwalk Asada Taco, the Shuv-It Shrimp Burrito and a side of rice and beans. The Airwalk Asada Taco was grilled marinated skirt steak, grilled onions, smoked chipotle salsa, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cilantro and lime. That sounds like a lot for a taco, but made for a nice picture. The Shuv-Ii Shrimp Burrito was grilled chipotle pineapple shrimp, cabbage, red onion, black beans, jalapenos, cilantro, chili lime rancho and lime. Not sure why, but the pictures of the burrito came out a little darker than I would like, but you are still able to see them. I did not bother to include the pictures of the rice and black beans, sorry.

Nollie's Taco Joint Nollie's Taco Joint Nollie's Taco Joint Nollie's Taco Joint Nollie's Taco Joint

Nollie's Taco Joint Nollie's Taco Joint Nollie's Taco Joint Nollie's Taco Joint Nollie's Taco Joint

When we left Nollie’s Taco Joint, we headed over to the new place on the intercoastal called Sharkies. It was Fins, but has apparently been taken over by a new owner and is now called Sharkies. I am at the beach quite frequently and believe they just opened this week. I will catch up with the owner as soon as I can and find out all the particulars. We did talk to one of the servers and she had mentioned that they will not be having televisions on the upstairs deck, but they do have quite a few downstairs in the main seating area. Since it was such a nice day, we chose to take the stairs up to the deck that overlooked the intercoastal. I took a few pictures of the view for those who have never been up there. I believe my friends had the beer special, $3.00 Landsharks and I had the well drink special which was also $3.00. It was very relaxing sitting at the rail overlooking the water. You could even see a bit of the ocean from there. We took a quick look at the menu, but since we had just eaten, we thought we would wait until next time. I am counting this as number 212 since it is a different name, although I have been to this location once.

Sharkies Sharkies Sharkies Sharkies Sharkies Sharkies

Well that is all for Thursday. I am looking forward to an adventurous weekend. Be sure to get out and have FUN!!!

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