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What a terrific and busy day yesterday. I started the day by picking up the new hats that will be available starting next week. I included a picture of one the hats. I had ordered a few different types and colors. I will take pictures over the weekend and put them on the blog Monday when they become available for sale. Hats will be $25.00, but they are not dated and will be considered a Ticket to FUN. After picking up the hats, I drove over to Brooklyn Cafe to put the finishing touches on the Wilmington Fun T-shirts display. While I was there, you guessed it. I had a donut. They have three choices, plain, cinnamon sugar and glazed. This time I went for the cinnamon sugar. Next time I think the glazed, or more beignets.

Wilmington Fun Brooklyn Cafe Delicious donuts

Later in the day, a few of us went to the beach. At this point I think I am going to talk about the music and fireworks, before I get into all the food and other stops we made yesterday. I want to make sure the band that played on The Boardwalk last night, Billy Walton Band, gets mentioned this morning because they are playing again tonight at The Rusty Nail downtown. They are part of the Cape Fear Blues Festival going on this weekend at The Rusty Nail. They play this evening, I believe at 7:00pm. Admission is $10.00 at the door. There is also a band following them.

Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Billy Walton Band Carolina Beach

The Boardwalk was beautiful last night. It was a bit hot at the beginning of the show. I did a couple of live feeds on Facebook. One is of the Billy Walton Band and the other is of the fireworks with the band playing in the background. While we were on The Boardwalk, I made a quick stop to one of the summer food trucks. I generally stick to the local shops, but I really wanted some funnel cake. They also had cotton candy and a few other treats. Right near the stage on The Boardwalk, there are carnival games you can play to win prizes and lots of rides for adults as well as the kiddies. It was a very family friendly night. The kids were up dancing with their parents and we saw several children enjoying dinner with their families when we made a quick stop at Jack’s Retreat during the band’s break. While we were walking around, we saw this girl with a giant blow up flamingo. She had bought it new earlier in day and did not want to let the air out before getting it into the car. I had to share a picture of this. There were also people going around selling raffle tickets in the band area. They gave away many great prizes. I am going to try to find out more about that for the next time I go on a Thursday.

Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Carolina Beach

We had a lot of FUN at all the stops before the music and fireworks. I must say though, if you get a chance to get down to the beach on a Thursday night, it is well worth the effort. Bands start at 6:30, and I list them each week on the website under Music – Thursday. I am thinking this is going to be a long weekend since I am already starting behind on a Thursday. I will cover our other stops from today tomorrow. There is FUN to be had this weekend, so please be sure to get out and have FUN!!!

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