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Yesterday was a great day. It started with a trip to Brooklyn Cafe where we dropped off a bunch of our t-shirts and tank tops. Brooklyn Cafe has teamed up with Wilmington Fun to make it even easier for you to get Your Ticket to FUN. Check out our Homepage for their hours and location. Since they are a pick-up location, you can even order online before you get there. Do not forget we are having the Board and Barrel Free Appetizers event on Monday June 25 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm. Chris Nash will be performing. It should be a great evening. If you cannot stop by Brooklyn Cafe to get a t-shirt before that, it is okay, they will be available at the door that evening.

Wilmington Fun Wilmington Fun

After leaving the Brooklyn Cafe, we headed over to Marina Grill. My friend had not been there before, and with the rain coming thought it might be a cool place to watch the storm. Wednesday’s drink special there is 25% off all whiskeys. My friend had a Bushmill Irish Whiskey with a splash of Coke. I was not as adventurous. I had a pretty little strawberry basil lemonade. That is vodka and Domaine De Canton with fresh lemonade, strawberries and basil. They had some happy hour appetizers, but we already had plans for dinner. I did take a picture for future reference though.

Marina Grill Marina Grill Marina Grill Marina Grill Marina Grill Marina Grill

Our dinner plans were to go to Winnie’s Tavern for a burger. They have one of the best burgers in Wilmington. I was not that hungry, so we split a bacon cheeseburger. While we waiting for our food we decided to try their drink specials of the day. We ordered a domestic bottle of beer for $2.50 and a glass of house wine for $3.50. After the cheeseburger arrived, we heard from one of our friends that she would be meeting us in a bit. That be said, we decided we needed to try the last drink special they had for Wednesday. It was a whiskey sour. They have two options. You can get a house whiskey sour for $4.50 or a top shelf for $5.50. I had forgotten about this option and just ordered the house version. It was much bigger than I expected, glad I had someone there who could share it.

Winnie's Tavern Winnie's Tavern Winnie's Tavern Whiskey Sour Special Winnie's Tavern

We were supposed to meet up with even more friends after this stop, but we had not heard from them yet. The three of decided that we would go to Waterline Brewing Company to wait to hear from them. Waterline had an Irish Traditional Music Session going on, which is always FUN. They tried a couple of samples of different beers and ordered the same one, so not many beer pictures from here. We did have FUN listening to the music and catching up with each other. Unfortunately our schedules never worked out with our other friends for the evening. I am sure we will get together soon though.

Waterline Brewing Company Waterline Brewing Company Waterline Brewing Company Waterline Brewing Company Waterline Brewing Company

Tonight is going to be beach night. So far, we have planned a stop to Nollies Taco Joint, Billy Walton Band at the Boardwalk and of course Hurricane Alley for the fireworks. Not sure what other places we will decide on last-minute. Hopefully we will see you there, but if we do not, make sure you get out and doing something FUN!!

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