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It looks so nice out this morning. Cannot wait to get out and walk on the beach later.

We had made two stops on Thursday and this was actually the first of them. NeMa Burger & Pizza Lounge located downtown in Chandler’s Wharf. It is a cute little place with a view of the river if you decide to sit outside. We made the choice to sit inside at the bar, since it had been raining on and off for the last few days. I was not very hungry, but did nibble on the NeMa fancy fries and took a bite of my friend’s Bacon Angus Burger. It was quite interesting. The description reads Angus beef (antibiotic and hormone free), mixed with uncured bacon, hand pattied, scratch potato bun, bibb lettuce, tomato, onion and pickles. Then it notes, only available medium well to well. We did ask about this and it is to make sure the bacon has cooked properly. I normally like my burgers medium rare, so I wanted to know for next time, because that was a really good burger with the bacon cooked right in it. An FYI, if you go on a Wednesday night from 5:00pm until 7:00pm you can get this burger for $5.00. The NeMa fancy fries are an additional charge, but they are a little different from most fries. They are cooked in rice bran oil, tossed in truffle salt, sea salt, parmesan and parsley. We did get to take advantage of their wine special though. They had Pinot Grigio or Pinot Noir for $5.00 a glass. I would like to go on a Sunday and sit outside and enjoy a $2.50 Mimosa. I always enjoy looking at the water.

NeMa Burger & Pizza Lounge NeMa Burger & Pizza Lounge NeMa Burger & Pizza Lounge NeMa Burger & Pizza Lounge NeMa Burger & Pizza Lounge

NeMa Burger & Pizza Lounge NeMa Burger & Pizza Lounge NeMa Burger & Pizza Lounge NeMa Burger & Pizza Lounge NeMa Burger & Pizza Lounge

I jumped around a little on Thursday because of trivia night, which was after our trip to NeMa. That was it for Thursday though. Friday was very eventful since I started early in the morning and was out until for a while in the evening. So here goes. I am going to briefly mention my outing to the Riverlights yesterday. They have a marketplace the first Friday of each month at Marina Village from 9:00am – 1:00pm. They had a lot of wonderful vendors there and I took lots of pictures and got information on most of them. I will be sharing them a little at a time, as space allows. If you do get a chance next month I would stop by and take a look.

There were many stops made around town yesterday, the first was Session Beer Market on College. I have mentioned them before in the blog, but had a friend with me that had never been, so I wanted to have him to try some place new. He tried a couple of different beer samples and decided on the Sierra Nevada Southern Gothic Unfiltered Pilsner. Most of the other people in the shop were drinking the Mikkeller Brewing San Diego Big Easy, maybe because it has an ABV of 10.1%. On my visit yesterday, I learned they are now offering Mimosas on Saturdays and Sundays. They will be $3.00. When I go on the weekend, I will be sure to post a mismosa on Facebook or Instagram.

Session Beer Market Session Beer Market Session Beer Market

There is so much more to talk about regarding yesterday, but I am going to stop there and pick it up tomorrow. Do not forget there are so many things to do today, so get out and have some FUN!!!!

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