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What a beautiful evening for getting out last night and having FUN!!! We started at Duck & Dive. There were some good drink specials that my friends and I tried. They had a $2.50 Coors Light bottle, $3.00 Heineken tall can and $4.50 vodka bombs. They had a couple more, but I cannot remember. While we were enjoying our drinks, we noticed a little area with some food. When we removed the lid, we found chicken wings. They had two different kinds of chicken wings along with celery, carrots and dressing. Not sure if that is something they have every Friday night or not, but either way it is very nice.

Duck & Dive Duck & Dive Duck & Dive Duck & Dive Duck & Dive Ceiling art

After leaving Duck & Dive, we made the very long walk next door to the New Anthem Beer Project. I had not been there in quite some time, since it is mainly for beer and I drink wine. I do remember it being number 99 on the list of bar/restaurants though. My friends enjoyed the First Blush of Sin and Hand Me Down Pumas. I enjoyed some of the names of the beers. They had one called, Hold My Beer and another one, The Music Seems So Loud. As you can see from the pictures, it is another bar with garage doors, so when the weather is nice, it can be an open air bar. That is smart thinking with all the nice weather we have here.

New Anthem Beer Project New Anthem Beer Project New Anthem Beer Project New Anthem Beer Project New Anthem Beer Project New Anthem Beer Project

After we left New Anthem Beer Project, we made a quick stop to meet some more friends at The Liquid Room. They enjoyed a few of the drink specials there. They had $3.00 Coronas, $3.00 Sex On The Beach and a $6.00 painkiller bucket. Again, I know they had a few more, but I cannot remember. Hopefully I will get a chance to meet with the bar owners soon and be able to add them to the drink specials page of our website.

Drink specials The Liquid Room

From there, we walked down to the riverfront. Being Friday in the summer they have a Downtown Sundown Concert Series. It is free admission and they sell beer, wine, water and some food there. They do not allow outside beverages, so be sure to finish them before you get there. Last night was a band called Tuesday’s Gone. They are a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute band. They were pretty good. I did a couple of live feeds on Facebook. The first one was from when we first arrived, and the other is a long one, since their encore was Freebird. The crowd was definitely having a good time. After the concert was over, I said goodbye to my friends and headed home.

Downtown Sundown Downtown Sundown Downtown Sundown Downtown Sundown

That was all for my Friday. It does not seem like much, but we were out for quite some time. As far as today, do not forget we will be at Brooklyn Cafe tonight giving away free half orders of beignets when you wear your Wilmington Fun t-shirt. We will be there from 6:00pm until 9:00pm. If you do not have a Wilmington Fun t-shirt, as always they will be available at the door. The cost is $25.00 and entitles you to all the Special Events we will be having this year. We just added tank tops too, so they will be available tonight as well. John Hussman will be providing the entertainment. Be sure to get out and enjoy the evening with us. If you cannot, please be sure to do something FUN!!!

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