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I was lucky enough to get a beach walk in before all the rain yesterday. The water had some great wave action. Sorry I did not get any pictures or video. I had left my phone in the car. Figured it was going to rain pretty hard before I got back. The rain came a little later than I expected. It started as we headed over the bridge for the second time yesterday. We were on our way to Buzz’s Roost, but it was raining so hard, we decided to stop at Gibby’s Dock and Dine and have a beverage there instead.

Gibby's Dock and Dine Rainy day Gibby's Dock and Dine

The rain finally calmed down and we headed over to Buzz’s Roost as planned. On the way, a quick detour was in order. I noticed that DOH!ToGo was open, and had never seen a cookie dough shop before, so of course I went in. I thought it was cookie dough to go home and bake, hence the to go. But, as I find out you can order cookie dough in a cup or with ice cream to eat. The girl told me it was a special mix of dough that was safe to be eaten uncooked. She gave me a couple of samples to try. She suggested the chocolate chip dough and also the peanut butter. I tried those along with my choice, which was triple chocolate. The peanut butter with chocolate chips and Reese’s pieces was my favorite. Okay, now we can go to Buzz’s Roost and enjoy their 1/2 price liquor and $2.00 domestic day.

DOH! ToGo On the Boardwalk DOH! ToGo Buzz's Roost

After we had a couple of drinks at Buzz’s Roost, I was getting hungry. I looked through the blog to see where I had not eaten down at the beach and realized that I had never been to Freddies Restaurant at all. Off we went. Number 207. My friend was not as hungry as I was, so he opted for the baked meatball appetizer. Good thing he was not hungry, LOL. There were two giant meatballs in that appetizer. The picture does not do the size justice. He had to bring one home. Especially because before that arrived, we had fresh bread and the house salad that came with my meal. I had ordered the clam sauce. It had been a long time since I had linguine and clam sauce and given that Freddies Restaurant is an authentic italian restaurant, I thought it had to be good. Everyone had told me that when I went I needed to get the bourbon glazed pork chops that they were famous for, but I thought I would leave those for next time. I also need to go back to try the chocolate cake. I certainly did not have room after all that food.

Freddies Restaurant Freddies Restaurant Freddies Restaurant Freddies Restaurant

Freddies Restaurant Baked Meatball Appetizer Freddies Restaurant Freddies Restaurant

Well, that was all for my rainy Tuesday. I am looking forward to this evening. I want to try this new place on Princess called Old Guerdon Lodge. Their grand opening is today. I may take a quick trip to the new Felix Cafe that just opened on my way over if I get a chance today. No matter what you do, a restaurant, an event or even just a walk, get out and have FUN!!!!

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