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I am so excited about the launch party later this afternoon at JohnnyLukes KitchenBar. It starts at 4:00 and we will have tees and tanks at the door available if you do not already have Your Ticket to FUN!!! They are still only $25.00 at the door. Don’t forget Dos Eddies will be playing on the rooftop, there will be free appetizers and great drink specials.

I am going to go back to Friday briefly since I had a couple outings and they were FUN. First, Friday morning we went to breakfast at Katy’s. I am not sure if it is Katy’s at Jerry Allen’s or vice versa (I always get it confused), but breakfast was delicious. I ordered a traditional breakfast with eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. My friend ordered the breakfast special of the day, French Toast. It also came with bacon. I like it there. Breakfast is good, inexpensive and it comes to you quick. We made a couple of stops later in the evening at Hoplite and then Beach Bumz to see Carolina Sky and to Silver Dollar for a little karaoke. I did a live feed from both places on Facebook. Considering we were out until 1:00am, we did not make many stops, but they were all fun.

Katy's French Toast Katy's Beach Bumz Beach Bumz

Yesterday was a pretty mellow day. We did not go out until almost dinner time, since I was working on getting the last minute prizes together for the Launch Party. I was looking for something fast and easy, so my friend suggested we try this place on Kure Beach called Beach Burger House. That was a great choice because it turns out they have their own parking lot. He ordered a cheeseburger and I got a fish sandwich. We ate at the picnic tables provided and watched all the people go by. When we were finished, we made a quick stop at Celtic Creamery. They were having a graduation party there, so I was not able to take many pictures. We did get some ice cream.

Kure Beach Beach House Burgers Beach House Burgers Beach House Burgers Celtic Creamery Celtic Creamery

We wanted to see the horse race, but not sure where to go, so we decided to leave the island. On our way up Carolina Beach Beach Road there was a really bad accident leaving traffic backed up for miles on the other side of the highway, but also slowing things down tremendously on our side. Hope everyone is ok, there were three ambulances there. The race was going off in about 20 minutes. This made us decide that Buffalo Wild Wings would be a good choice. It was close, has great televisions and beverages. We stopped to see the race there and then make one last stop. The Clams were at The Rusty Nail. I had never heard them before, so off we went. We did not stay long, but had enough time for me to get a live feed for Facebook. Check them out when you get a chance.

Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wild Wings Rusty Nail The Rusty Nail The Clams

Well that was it for Friday and yesterday. It has been a FUN weekend so far, but trying to conserve my energy for this afternoon. Hope to see you there.

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