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Hopefully you are all not as exhausted as I am from all the holiday partying. We kept it a little low-key last night. We started with a little rooftop party with a small group of friends. We all brought some food and beverages to share while we waiting for the fireworks. When we were up there, we had a chance to watch all the people coming into downtown. It was nice to see so many people taking advantage of the all the area had to offer last night.

From our vantage point, we had a great view of Pier 33. The music started at 7:00. I am not sure who the opening act was, but there was a small crowd to listen to them. When they were finished playing the crowd grew exceptionally large with Uncle Kracker coming on to play. We were able to hear the band pretty well from where we gathered. Some of the other things we could see were the battleship filled with people watching the play, Caine Mutiny Court Martial and ready for fireworks, and there was huge tent down below us with lots of people under it, but they had dispersed long before the fireworks had even started. The fireworks were beautiful. I am sure by now, you can tell I am a fireworks fan. I posted a couple of the videos to Instagram. I will post a few more today. When the fireworks were over, we stayed where we were for a bit, since we knew traffic was not going anywhere. As you can see from the picture.

Downtown Wilmington Downtown Wilmington Downtown Wilmington Fireworks Fireworks Downtown Wilmington

While we were waiting for the traffic, we took a walk over to Palate. It was pretty close and a much better option than sitting in the car for an hour. When we got there, people were just hanging out enjoying one last drink before heading home. I saw a man cleaning a huge BBQ there. I asked the bartender what was up with that and he said they had provided free food to their customers for the holiday. I thought that was very nice. He had mentioned something about hamburgers and chicken. I am hoping next year to gather even more information on what all the local places are doing for the fourth.

Downtown Wilmington After the fireworks Palate Palate

That was it for our Fourth of July. We did more of our celebrating on Tuesday night down at the beach and were still a little tired from that. As far as the rest of the week goes. If you missed the fireworks, Carolina Beach is having more fireworks tonight along with music at the Boardwalk. Tomorrow night there will also be fireworks after the Wilmington Sharks game at Buck Hardee Field.

Not exactly sure what we are all up to today. I know a few of my friends had to head back to work this morning. I personally, am going to try to get a beach walk in since it looks like the rain may hold off. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you get out and have some FUN!!!!!

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