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Ok, I am finally going to finish up Saturday night. We made way too many stops, but boy did we have FUN. After leaving Crust, we made a quick stop at Hell’s Kitchen since it is basically next door. My friend who joined us a little later wanted to try their loaded fries. We had them last week when we went, so I already blogged about them. Just giving a shout out to Hell’s Kitchen and their food.

After leaving Hell’s Kitchen we left downtown and headed toward Monkey Junction. We all decided that a trip to Satellite would be a nice way to the end the evening. They had live music, but it was outside and it was still a bit sticky out, so we stayed indoors and one of my friends ordered some food from Block Taco. I did not try it, since face it I had more food in one day than I think I did in the last two days combined. They looked pretty good though, and I did take pictures of the Tacos and the Shrimp Tostada. We hung out there for a bit, but still wanted to hear some music. I suggested that we head over to The Rusty Nail. Scott Ellison was playing, and one of my friends had never been there before.

Satellite Bar and Lounge Satellite Bar and Lounge Satellite Bar and Lounge Block Taco Block Taco Block Taco

When we arrived at The Rusty Nail it was just in time to hear the last song or two from their set. They were excellent. At the end of their set they said that they would come back and play some of the songs from the first set again for the late comers, but we had been out for almost ten hours at that point and I hate to admit it but I was getting tired. It was a tough decision, but we opted to head home, since I figured the break might be a while. We did get some terrific video that I posted on our Facebook page. If you get a chance, please watch and share. This guy was amazing. I hope he plays again there so I can catch the whole show.

The Rusty Nail The Rusty Nail

Well, now that Saturday is over. Tomorrow I can start on Sunday. That should only take one day, even though I did take a lot of pictures. As far as tonight, I was thinking about Improv at Dead Crow Comedy. I would like to see how it works, because we all know I want to try this. There is a free win tasting at Sweet n Savory Cafe tonight from 5:00pm until 8:00pm. Downtown also has a Sip-n-shop at Pink Baking Company from 6:00pm – 8:00pm and also a Paint Night at Waterline Brewing Company at 6:00pm. If you happen to be a night owl, The Magic Beans are playing at The Whiskey at 10:00pm. Not sure I am going to make there after staying out a little too late last night.

I know it supposed to rain most of the day, but there is still FUN to be had, so get out and have some FUN!!!!

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