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Some of my friends and I went for the opening day of Skytown Beer Company on Friday. They are located near Target on New Centre Drive. We headed there after leaving JohnnyLukes KitchenBar’s Christmas in July party. We had already had a bunch of appetizers there, not realizing that Skytown served food. One of my friends ordered the Campfire Burnt-End Beans. One of my other friends ordered the Texas Style Tot-Chos. I had to give at least one of those a try since I am a big tot fan. Cannot believe it has taken this long for that trend to catch on. Lol. The Texas Style Tot-Chos had chopped brisket with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, hop salt and west sauce on them. There was some type of sauce for dipping that was really good, but I did not get the name. I figured since we had already ordered appetizers at JohnnyLukes and my friends had a couple more appetizers here I would get something different, so I asked for the fresh-baked mini chocolate chip cookies. I really wanted the peanut butter ones, but the chocolate chips make for better pictures. My friends also tried a few of the beers there. My one friend had the Broomtail Galloping Gose. That is the one not in the regular pint glass in the pictures. Two of my other friends had gotten the Wilmington Brewing Company’s Tropical Lightning, pictured with my wine. We hung out for a bit while we were enjoying our food and drinks at number 231. We thought we should get one more off my list before we went home, so we made another stop. By the way, there is a random picture of southern fried chicken nuggets with macaroni and cheese. We did not order it but they had the same cute little basket as Beer Bellies had their fries in, so I took the picture. Plus it shows more of the food they have available.

Skytown Beer Company Skytown Beer Company Skytown Beer Company Skytown Beer Company Skytown Beer Company

Skytown Beer Company Skytown Beer Company Skytown Beer Company Skytown Beer Company Skytown Beer Company Skytown Beer Company

Burnt Mill Creek Billiards and Wine Bar was right down the street, so went there. I know I just blogged about it a couple of weeks ago, but I sadly did not have a drink there, so it did not count. Tonight it did count and is now number 232. I decided to have something a bit different, so I had a split of champagne. We sat and enjoyed our drinks on the couch and chairs they had in one section. I did not really take any pictures since it was so dark in there. I think I posted a couple from the last time I was there when they had music, it was a bit brighter. We had a good time chatting, but unfortunately no music that Friday. Well, I will just have to go back again.

Burnt Mill Creek Billiards and Wine Bar Burnt Mill Creek Billiards and Wine Bar

Some of the things I might be doing today are going to The Seawitch to see Capricious at 1:00pm. Possibly going to Waterline to try Joe Loves Lobster’s food truck from 3:00pm until 6:00pm. The Rusty Nail has music by The Rhythm Bones with some great special guests from 3:00pm until 6:00pm. Uptown Easy will be at Bluewater Grill at 4:00pm and Zion Rootz will be at the Lazy Pirate tonight from 7:00pm until 11:00pm. There is much more music and drink specials listed on the website, so be sure and check it out. We are growing all the time, so be sure to look regularly for your favorite band and places to go.

That’s it for me today. Again, please feel free to comment on the new format of the blog. I am still getting used to it myself, so I may change a bit from day-to-day for the next couple weeks until I see what works. I am trying to get out the best information possible. Be sure to enjoy the day and get out and have some FUN!!!!

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