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I had an amazing evening last night. It started off with dinner with my daughter. We met at Jax 5th Avenue Deli. I know I have had a lot of pictures of sandwiches lately, but it has been hot out. I will get some seafood in next week. This is number 230 in the search for 300. After looking at the menu and deciding how hungry we were, we went for two apps and one sandwich. We ordered the spinach and artichoke dip and jalapeno poppers. The menu said the jalapeno poppers were baked. I thought that was different, so let’s try them. Not sure there was a real difference for me. After the appetizers, we had a Gorgonzola Beef Dip. The beef had Gorgonzola Cheese melted in it and the roll had a pepperhouse gourmaise spread on it. It also came with a side of Guinness au jus for dipping.
That was still more food than we expected, so no dessert for us. Although next time I go I would like to try their peanut butter pie.

Jax 5th Avenue Deli and Ale House Jax 5th Avenue Deli and Ale House Jax 5th Avenue Deli and Ale House Jax 5th Avenue Deli and Ale House

Jax 5th Avenue Deli and Ale House Jax 5th Avenue Deli and Ale House Jax 5th Avenue Deli and Ale House Jax 5th Avenue Deli and Ale House

After leaving my daughter, I met a friend down at the beach, at The Dive. I had a quick strawberry brain freeze there and we were off to see some music. Although, on the way, I had to stop for some DOH! ToGo. Yes, still full from dinner, but duty calls. Last time I was by there, I only had samples, but since I had someone to share dessert with I got a half scoop of peanut butter and half scoop of chocolate chip. She was full before we hit the peanut butter. I was too, but cannot let good cookie dough go to waste. We enjoyed the music at the Boardwalk for a few minutes while I was eating the cookie dough and taking pictures. Sorry, if I had more hands I would have done a live feed for Facebook. The Cut is a good band. As I was finishing up, we walked over to Hurricane Alley for the fireworks. The best view is from the top, so we got our beverages and went up the stairs. It was already very crowded up there, but this nice couple let us share their table. We watched the fireworks while getting very wet last night. There was just enough breeze that the sprinklers keeping the sails wet, were also getting everyone on the deck wet. It was worth it though. I did a live feed on Facebook, but will add the finale video later. When the fireworks were over, we stopped to watch the gentlemen playing music at Hurricane Alley and then headed off to Buzz’s Roost for a little karaoke over there. That was my long, but wonderful evening

The Dive DOH! ToGo Carolina Beach Boardwalk Hurricane Alley Hurricane Alley

Hurricane Alley Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Hurricane Alley Buzz's Roost

Now as promised I am going to list a few things that are happening later today that are not on the website. This will probably change format as I get used to putting it up. Tonight there are two things Wilmington Fun will be attending. The first is Christmas in July at JohnnyLukes KitchenBar. I will probably wear my FUN shirt instead of the Hawaiian shirt to go with the Santa hat, that I am hoping to find this morning. It starts at 5:00pm this evening and there will be live music from Take 3 Trio, but what I want to see is the Ice Luge. Not sure what that is but I am sure I will be taking pictures of it. The other thing we will be doing is stopping by Skytown Beer Company. It is opening to the public today at 4:00pm. It is on New Center Drive, if you want to check it out. Also be sure to look at the website for some of the other things going on this evening.

Well, that is it for today. Do not forget to stop by and see us at JohnnyLukes tonight. If you cannot make it there, be sure to get out somewhere and have FUN!!!

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