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I had a busy day yesterday. I was trying to stay out of the heat and also out of my office, since I will not have AC until at least tomorrow.

My day started with a trip to Primrose Cottage. They moved from Carolina Beach to Monkey Junction in the middle of May and this has been the first chance I have had to get to their new location, right next to Soif de Vin. They are a basically a consignment shop, but they also carry some locally made products for the home. The new store is amazing. They seem to have much more room in this store. It is very pleasing to the eye. For those who have not been to the new location yet, they still have their 50% room in the back of the store. Stop by when you get a chance.

Primrose Cottage Primrose Cottage Primrose Cottage Primrose Cottage Primrose Cottage

Since I was already in Monkey Junction, I decided to stop over to Mel’s Ice Cream Shop. This is also a new business. It is located right next to the new car wash, right in the heart of Monkey Junction. FYI, the car wash and Mel’s parking lots do not connect, so be sure to take the long way around. It is worth it. When I entered it had that ice cream parlor feel. There are actually a couple of booths if you want to enjoy your ice cream there. I tried a couple of samples while I was there. I started with their most popular, Graham Central Station. I can see why. Not going to tell you what is in it, so you can try for yourself. It is a surprising combination. I also tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, and The Sea Salt Caramel. After trying all those I decided that on my cone I would get two totally different flavors, so I could try five. I ordered the Triple Chocolate (big surprise!) and then the Butter Crunch. The Butter Crunch had Butterfingers in it. After getting the cone, I asked what they are best known for and he said their shakes. Oh no, guess I will have to go back soon and try a shake. Boy do I have a hard job, not.

Inside Mel's Ice Cream Shop Mel's Ice Cream Shop Mel's Ice Cream Shop

Because I was already in the little complex, I made a stop into Monkey Barz next door. My goal is to go to every bar, so in I went. This was number 229. I stayed just long enough to have a quick drink and take some pictures. I was in a hurry because I had plans with a friend to go to trivia last night.

Monkey Barz Monkey Barz Monkey Barz Monkey Barz

My last stop was to Waterman’s Brewing Company. On Tuesday they have a trivia and tot night. Two Blondes’ Trivia hosts the evening and as you can see by the picture below they have a few tater tot specials. It was threatening to rain and was also very sticky out, so they moved trivia night to their banquet room. I was quite surprised they did this until I saw the room just fill up with people a little before 7:00pm. I did not realize how many people were there on Tuesday just for tots and trivia. I was happy to see so many people out on a Tuesday, because the other side was filled too. I have been a couple of times now, so I think my next trivia spot on a Tuesday will be Tavern Law to mix things up a bit, and try the free wings.

Waterman's Brewing Company Waterman's Brewing Company Waterman's Brewing Company After The beer Cheese

Waterman's Brewing Company Waterman's Brewing Company Waterman's Brewing Company Waterman's Brewing Company

Well that was it for my day yesterday. I cannot wait to see what happens today. I know there is a good chance of rain today, but be sure to get out and have some FUN!!!!

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