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There was a little snafu with the posting of this blog yesterday, so posting today. Sorry for the technical difficulties.

As I mentioned yesterday, I did make it to Brooklyn Cafe. For those of you not familiar, the Cafe is located in the Brooklyn Arts District n 4th Street. On our homepage you can get the hours and exact location. While you are there, feel free to look at the Wilmington Fun t-shirts and tank tops on display. They are also available for purchase at Brooklyn Cafe. I had my beignet fix while I was there meeting with our newest member of the Wilmington Fun team, Cameron. He will be joining us in a sales capacity, as well as helping out with some of our social media. I am looking forward to him taking away a bit of my work load, so I can get back to planning more events for the fall and getting things ready for our next Facebook contest.

Brooklyn Cafe Brooklyn Cafe

I also wanted to let you know that the Wilmington Fun hats are now available. I have included the pictures below of the different styles and colors available. These CANNOT be used as a Ticket to FUN!!! Only t-shirts and tanks with the year on them are valid for special events through Wilmington Fun. The hats are for FUN, but NOT for special events. I want to make sure there is no confusion there. I am hoping to get them on the website either today or tomorrow. If you do find one that you like, please do not hesitate to shoot me a comment or email me at to reserve one. All clothing and other apparel besides the t-shirts are still in the preliminary stages, so I am not sure when or if a particular item will be reordered. Please feel free to send comments or suggestions of anything you would like to see in regards to apparel.

Wilmington Fun Style 111 Style 55

Last night I decided to do something a little different, and actually leave Wilmington for the evening. I will be doing this from time to time. Because as much as I love it here, sometimes there is a band or friends to visit in other areas. At first I thought I would not include these types of things in the blog and then I decided that there may be some readers that are interested in seeing a few different things outside of Wilmington. I went with a friend to the House of Blues in North Myrtle Beach to see the Drive By Truckers. It was my first time to this particular House of Blues. I did take a few pictures even though I was sort of taking the evening off. I will include some pictures of the food and the band. Especially since the skillet cookie was awesome. I have a few video clips of The Drive By Truckers I will be posting on Facebook today. In the future, I will write about it just as if I were in Wilmington. As always, please let me know if you have any comments on this.

House of Blues House of Blues House of Blues House of Blues Drive By Truckers at House of Blues

Well, that was all for me on a stormy Thursday. It looks like today will be nice, so I am hopeful we will make it to the Journey tribute band downtown tonight. If you cannot make it there, be sure to get out somewhere and have FUN!!!!

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