Good Afternoon,

What a beautiful day out. My post is late because I spent the morning on Carolina Beach walking and talking to the many others on the beach. As far as last night, I had a fantastic time catching up with one of my friends and having a wonderful dinner. We started the evening at 141 North. The portions were very generous and extremely delicious. There are a couple of pictures below of the food we ordered. It went so well with the live jazz music in the background. One of the patrons had gotten up to sing and brought the house down. The video is on our Facebook Page. There were many delightful choices on the menu, so I will surely be making a return visit.

After dinner, we headed over to Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.
There we had a creme brulee dessert drink. It tasted exactly like the dessert, but was a pleasant, smooth drink. I have had the chocolate cake drink before and that was also fantastic, next time I will get a picture of that one.
From there, we made a couple quick stops. One was Growler’s Tavern, where my friend ordered a Dark n Stormy. The other stop was the Liquid Room, where we encountered a drink that came in a bucket. It was a little big and it was getting late, so sadly we were not able to finish them. I must say, I was looking for a low-key night and this most definitely fit the bill.
Now for some FUN today with my daughter. Enjoy your day and most of all have FUN.

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