The Official Wilmington Fun T-shirts are in and available. Get your 2018 T-shirt now and be ready for all the upcoming events happening with Wilmington Fun. How it works. There will be special promotions and events listed under Wilmington Fun Special Events and also will be on the Blog (so be sure to follow – there could be last minute events found only on here), that when you wear your Wilmington Fun T-shirt you will be able to attend or take advantage of a special promotion. I will start announcing the events April 1, so be sure to get your t-shirt early so you don’t miss out. T-shirts are available on back order if we run out, but they will take a couple weeks to be processed (right here in Wilmington). Currently there is a shipping option ($5 additional) or it can be picked up at one of our pick up centers like Platypus and Gnome. I am working on additional pick up centers and will post when they are available.

Although you can order t-shirts at any time – this is a test Blog today. Sorry – trying to work out some kinks.

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