Good Morning,

What a beautiful day. Hope you all are able to get out and enjoy. As for me, last night I found myself at Waterline Brewing for a wine tasting with the Wilmington Fun Wine Lady. They had 4 wines to try. There was a white blend, rielsing, rose and a pinot noir. They were all quite pleasant. I enjoyed all of them, which doesn’t happen to often for me. I am not a wine snob, but I like what I like when it comes to wine. There was a very good turnout. I believe it happens once or twice a month, but I am sure it will be in Breaking Fun the next time there is one April.

After leaving Waterline Brewing, I left the Wine Lady and joined some friends at Might as Well for a night of trivia. I met the ladies of Two Blondes’ Trivia beforehand and hopefully we can put an event together sometime in the near future. We had a great time, they had an all you can eat special, which I am sorry to say I did not get the particulars, but it included pizza and wings. They did have $5.00 32oz. Shock Top Drafts. All in all, a FUN evening.

Some things happening tomorrow that I am aware of are: Palate 6:00 DJ Professor Dub, Good Hops Brewing has a pop-up market at 4:00, The Billy Walton Band at 8:00 at The Rusty Nail (think there are a few tickets left) and Southern Trouble at SeaWitch Cafe and Tiki Bar at 8:00.

Hope that is helpful. We are working hard to get as much information on here for you as possible as quickly as possible for you. Thank you again for being patient with us as we get ready for the April 1 launch. And most of all, have a FUN day.

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