Good Afternoon,

Yesterday was a very busy day. It started with a trip to the Grand Opening of Your Pie on Oleander. Great concept with the pizza. They also serve beer and wine. I did not get a chance to speak to the owner, since I went at lunch time, but I did take some pictures and will be positing them on Instagram later today.
I then proceeded to Carolina Beach to do some marketing and sales calls. I came across a new gelato place on the Boardwalk, called Latella. I sampled the chocolate with thin mint Girl Scout Cookies – amazing!!!!!! Then I went to Go Sauce Yourself, where I found a wonderful selection of gourmet sauces and seasonings. The beach was definitely a buzz with the great weather yesterday.
Decided to run back up to Wilmington since Twist and Shout had cupcakes at Wilmington Brewing Company. The place was so crowded, I barely was able to get to the cupcake stand which was right inside the door. I will be going back to Wilmington Brewery for sure. I hadn’t been there yet, but would like to go at an off time for sure. As far as the cupcake, OMG, it was delicious. I will post a picture on Instagram of that too. The chocolate cupcakes have a bit of beer in them and it totally enhances the chocolate flavor.
Back to the beach to meet friends at the Seawitch for a quick bite to eat. The chowder was so delicious. I would have ordered my favorite, Ahi Nachos, but if you remember, I just had a cupcake. Decided to take the new t-shirts for a little tour, see how people liked them. Great response was had by all. We walked from Seawitch to Buzz’s Roost to The Dive and ended up at the Silver Dollar for a little karaoke before heading home.
The concept of the shirts was well received. We will start selling them in about a week. The cost will be $25.00. This will be your Ticket to Fun. I am currently working on events that will be held exclusively for Wilmington Fun 2018 T-Shirt owners. The idea will be that you will wear the shirt to the event and that will be how your enter the FUN event. There will be many and as creative as I can make them. Feel free to order online, there will be a few pick up destinations around town. Look for more details this week.
Well, that’s all for now. Can’t wait to share tonight’s experiences tomorrow.

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