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I thought I would start this morning off with a few nice pictures from Pelican Landing that we took when we were leaving South Beach Grill on Saturday. It was next to the parking lot we were in, so we took a quick walk over to look. It is a private beach, but one of the people who was there told us we could take a few pictures.

South Beach Grill Pelican Landing South Beach Grill

When we left Wrightsville Beach, we headed to the north part of Wilmington to The Sour Barn. We have been there numerous times, but today was different. Today we were there to check out the food truck Joe Loves Lobster Rolls. Apparently, we were not the only ones. When we arrived, we parked in the back, since I figured the food truck would be in the front, taking up most of that parking. I was correct. We walked through the courtyard and bar into the front parking lot where there was a line of people waiting for lobster rolls. That is the only item on the menu. You can get pineapple slaw or chips with the meal and a water. The only choice you have is the size lobster roll you want. I think this is a great idea, because given the amount of people in line, it made it go much faster and smoother. After patiently waiting our turn, we received our lobster roll. We only ordered one since we had eaten the appetizers at South Beach already, but we did get a little extra lobster on it. I brought it inside so we could enjoy a glass of wine with the lobster roll. I was somewhat excited since I had not had a lobster roll since moving from the northeast. I am not sure why, I even ask a friend of mine in Maine who owns a restaurant, but everyone seems to be going away from the warm butter on them to a mayo type dressing. I really prefer the warm butter, so I will definitely be visiting Joe Loves Lobster Rolls anytime I have a craving for lobster. I can see why the line was so long.

The Sour Barn Joe Loves Lobster Rolls The Sour Barn The Sour Barn Joe Loves Lobster Rolls Joe Loves Lobster Rolls

I really wanted to start talking about Sunday, but that really is a whole blog within itself. The Wing Fling was quite an adventure, so I will save that for tomorrow. As far as today goes, it looks to be a beautiful day, so I will hopefully be getting a beach walk in later. As far as going out tonight, I have way too many choices. I can do trivia at Might as Well with Two Blondes Trivia at 8:00pm, or a beer and jerky pairing with my friend at 5:00pm. There is also a wine tasting at Waterline Brewing Co. to kick off a new a new art exhibit starting at 6:00pm. If I decide to go for music, there is music at Felix Cafe starting at 6:00 and Mac’s Speed Shop at 7:00pm. I might think about singing myself, if I do there is karaoke at The Monk at 10:00pm and also at Mad Katz at 10:00pm. What a great night to go out, so much to do. I wish I could get everywhere. I know I cannot, but I do try.

That is it for me today. I am going to finish this up and go start enjoying the beautiful day. Do one of the things above or something else, but please remember to get out and have some FUN!!!!

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