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It was so nice to be out Friday night and no rain. After hopping from The Dive to El Cazador, we thought since the weather was holding out, we would go for a quick walk on the beach. The thought that we just had that huge fried ice cream at El Cazador did not hurt either. If you cannot tell I always enjoy walking on the beach. It really does not matter to me if there are lots of people on it or not, I still sometimes feel like I am in my own little world when I walk there. Sometimes there is an exception, like when we saw the juggler on the beach tonight. I did not get a live feed, sorry to say, but I did get a picture of him. We watched for a few minutes while we were deciding where to go next. It was a little early for music, so we went to The Fat Pelican.

Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Carolina Beach Carolina Beach

I love the big cooler there, especially when it is hot out. We took a few minutes to look through the cooler to see some of the more unusual beers they have there. We found some Sticky Toffee Pudding Ale and a Double Chocolate Stout. Talk about a dessert. There was also something called Delirium Nocturnum, I think it may be a Belgian Beer. I liked the label. I got the Jack Daniel’s Berry Punch. I had the lemonade last time I was there, so I thought I would try a different flavor. My friend thought she would try a wine Spitzer for something new. I have been to The Fat Pelican several times and each time I see new and interesting things there. I put one of those pictures below. If you have not been, have one drink there (alcoholic or non) just to see the decor inside and out.

Fat Pelican Fat Pelican Malt Beverage The Fat Pelican The Fat Pelican

The next place on the list was Beach Bumz. I have been trying to see Jam Sandwich Band for a while now and it finally worked with our schedule tonight. I did not do a live feed of them, but I did do a video and post on Facebook. We had a drink while we were enjoying the band. I may have hung out a little longer, but I felt bad I had to have my friend pay for me since it is a cash only bar and I did not have any cash on me, as usual.

Beach Bumz Beach Bumz Beach Bumz

I think I will stop there for now and see what is up for today. At Wrightsville Beach there is a Farmer’s Market from 8:00am until 1:00pm. It may be a little late in the evening on a Monday for some, but John Hussman is playing a solo gig at Jimmy’s Red Dogs tonight at 9:00pm. As far as Carolina Beach, HopLite Irish Pub has half price wine tonight and some awesome Reuben rolls.

That is it for me today. The weather looks to be pretty good except possibly in the afternoon for a bit, so be sure to get out and have some FUN!!!

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