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I cannot believe it is Friday again already. This summer is just flying by. Not only that, but I was looking back at all the terrific places we visited over the summer months and are interested to see what the fall brings.

Monday brought us to Island Beverage after being at The Lazy Pirate. They were having a wine tasting there. Seeing as we were already down at the beach, we thought we would give it a try. I had been in there for a drink before, but not for a wine tasting. They had crackers, cheese and some grapes to nibble on in between the different wine samplings. They had a good variety of wine. I took a few pictures of the wines that they had that night. My friend liked one of the bottles so much, she bought one to take home. That was our last stop for Monday evening.

Island Beverage Wine Tasting Island Beverage Island Beverage

Tuesday I decided to do something a little different, instead of a walk on the beach I took a walk at Greenfield Park. I did not do the whole walk around the lake. I did do that last fall, but I did not have enough time today, so I just did a short walk and took a couple of pictures of the lake and the paddleboats while I was there. I was not aware that the boat rentals were closed on Tuesdays. I did however notice that you could rent not only paddleboats, but also kayaks and canoes. The rates are between $10.00 and $15.00 an hour. They are open 11:00am until 5:00pm everyday, except Tuesday. That was okay that the paddleboats were not available then, I was not planning on renting one when I went anyway, but would like to one of these days.

Greenfield Park Greenfield Park The lake Greenfield Park

Well I think I am going to stop Tuesday there at the moment, since there is so much going on this weekend. First let’s start with the fact it is Fourth Friday, so you know that means. Yes, the galleries will all be open late for us to look at what a lot of the local talent has created, while enjoying a glass of wine and some snacks. Some of the galleries even have live music, for example, Perry Smith with be playing at Expo 216. Bill’s Front Porch will be holding a Fundraiser called Joe’s Bucket Bash Kick-Off. This starts at 6:00 and is a volleyball tournament to help raise funds for families battling cancer. It will go on until 9:00pm tonight and continue on tomorrow. Do not forget the Downtown Sundown Concert series is starting to wrap up with a Beatles tribute band tonight, starting at 8:00pm. Not sure who the warm up band is at 6:30pm. There is a free concert down at Fort Fisher tonight at 6:30pm. Rebekah Todd & The Odyssey will be featured. If you are looking to head down to Carolina Beach, there are numerous venues with live music. There is also karaoke at The Silver Dollar and Olde Salty’s. If you want to go to the north side of town, DJ Damo will be hosting karaoke at Cody’s North and JohnnyLukes KitchenBar will have live music from 7:00pm. Like I said there is an amazing amount of things to do tonight. Check out the website for even more things to do tonight.

That does it for me this morning. I will probably be heading downtown tonight, because if you have not guessed yet, I am a fan of Fourth Friday. Lots of great art to see and people to meet. Should you decide to do that, anything else on the list above or something totally different. Just be sure to get out and have some FUN!!!!!

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