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I left off at the end of the margarita crawl. I did get a chance to go downtown yesterday and I found out I did confuse The Husk and The River Rat. The Husk was the bar that actually ran out of their margaritas and then served pineapple margaritas. Which means that The River Rat was serving the cucumber margarita, which took third place in a tie. I apologize to both for mixing them up.

Now on with Saturday evening, with the next party. There was an end of summer luau at HopLite Irish Pub. They had the restaurant decorated and was serving Hawaiian themed food. I tried the Hawaiian meatballs. There was a pineapple based sauce covering the meatballs. I wished I was hungrier, they had some teriyaki that looked really good. There was music outside, but after doing the crawl our other friends understood that we wanted to stay indoors. After leaving the luau, we had a new friend with us that had not been to Carolina Beach before, so we had to bring him to High Tide Lounge. When we arrived it said there was a private party there. Fortunately, I was an acquaintance of the person having the party and she welcomed us to join. Thank you again Audrey for letting us hang out and crashing the party. That was very nice. Our friend really appreciated it and said the view was absolutely beautiful.

HopLite Irish Pub HopLite Irish Pub End of Summer Luau High Tide Lounge Sunset High Tide Lounge

Sunday was a very mellow day after being out for hours on Saturday. It started with a well needed walk on the beach. During the afternoon I did make a quick stop to Incredible Pizza. I went because I thought they had a cauliflower crust pizza, but I was mistaken. I have been wanting to try that for some time now. Since I was already there and hungry I opted to get one of their lunch specials. I ordered the side salad with one piece of cheese pizza and found it also came with a fountain drink. I sat and enjoyed the pizza in the quiet and then went home to relax and watch a movie.

Incredible Pizza Incredible Pizza

Monday late afternoon I went out with a friend down to the beach. We stopped at HopLite for the chicken leg special and half price wine. Cannot believe I forgot to take pictures of the huge chicken legs. They were big though. When we were finished, we hopped over to The Lazy Pirate for some fries. They had these interesting shooters on special, so of course I had to do it. Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the energy drink goes around the outside of the cup and there is a little reservoir for the shot to go into. I did not get the energy drink, because really, do I need that. LOL. Instead they gave me a little of the frozen mango with the rum shot in the middle. I thought that was great. We watched some of the people playing volleyball while we ate the fries and then were on to our next place.

Lazy Pirate Lazy Pirate

That is where I am going to stop today. There is a lot to do tonight. They have karaoke at Buzz’s Roost and Silver Dollar down at the beach, as well as some live bands. The Dung Beatles are playing at Airlie tonight at 6:00pm. This is a rescheduled concert. Eduardo Somech is playing at Wrightsville Beach Brewery at 6:00pm. I will probably opt for the beach since the fireworks will be ending soon.

Well, that is all for me for today, I will be catching up soon enough, as Labor Day weekend approaches. Wilmington Fun will probably hit the road for a few days. Currently the location is undetermined. But for today, I will be getting out to enjoy the sunshine. I urge you to do the same. Regardless if you enjoy the beach, a drink, your favorite restaurant or something else, be sure to get out and have some FUN!!!!

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