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Hoping everyone is having a good weekend. I look forward to blogging about it soon. But for now, I am on Thursday night. After getting back from Surfside Beach, I met a couple of friends down at Carolina Beach. I will probably be there the next couple of Thursdays getting my firework fix in before the end of summer. I was a bit early so I made a stop at The Fat Pelican to grab a drink and relax on one of the rocking chairs they have in the courtyard. After I finished there, I started heading over to Hurricane Alley to meet my friends for the fireworks. On the way, I passed Carolina Smokehouse. They had just finished adding the second story to their building. I cannot wait to go up and take some pictures from there. I also took a picture of the beach over by the Marriott. After the fireworks ended, one of friends has not had a chance to see many of the beach bars, so we thought we would show her a couple. We started at Seawitch since we could hear music from the street. We popped in so she could get a quick bite to eat. While we were there, we met the best group of guys. They were having a bachelor party weekend. So being the FUN people we are, we gave them many suggestions of all the places to go over the weekend. I am hoping they had FUN, since we did not bump into them last night. For our nightcap, we ran over to Gibby’s Dock and Dine to catch the end of Sayer McShane’s set. That was all for Thursday evening. I did not include too many pictures since I have been down to Carolina Beach a lot.

Carolina Beach Carolina Smokehouse Right before the fireworks Seawitch Cafe and Tiki Bar Gibby's Dock and Dine

Friday was not a beach day. We headed downtown to have a drink at a new place for me. Number 245 is Manna. I had never been in before since they do not open until 5:00pm and then usually by the time I get there, it looks crowded. Tonight we got there right around 5:30pm, so it was still fairly empty. By the time we finished our drinks though, it was getting pretty crowded. We had just ordered a glass of wine and a beer, nothing to special. A note to beer drinkers, they sometimes have beer available on tap that is not on the menu, so you may want to ask. We did look at the food menu, and we found something very amusing. They have an appetizer called Berry manna Loaf. We would have liked to try something off the menu, but we were heading to a concert at The Wilson Center, so decided we will just have to go back when we have more time.

Manna Manna Manna Manna Manna Manna

Well, I think I will leave it there for now and continue the rest tomorrow. For those looking forward to the details of the margarita crawl, that we probably end up being Tuesday and possibly even Wednesday with all the places we went to. As far as today, Dos Eddies is playing at Gibby’s at 1:00pm, There is a special artist reception at Waterline brewing Co. from noon until 3:00pm. If you are looking for a relaxing day with your dog, The Sour Barn has their special with pups and pints. Bill Kerr is playing at Felix Cafe at 11:30am for brunch. Do not forget about Reggae Sunday at Wrightsville Beach Brewery from 3:00pm until 6:00pm and at Lazy Pirate starting at 6:00pm.

I know it is looking a little cloudy out, but be sure to get out and have some FUN!!!!

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